The Secrets of Cats: Animals & Threats Kickstarter is Now Live! (FATE Core System)

5:45am on a Sunday is not the best time for a Kickstarter to launch. Generally you want one of these to hit on a Weekday morning. However, The Secrets of Cats: Animals & Threats is no normal Kickstarter. It’s the sequel to the original The Secrets of Cats for the Fate Core system which won our “Best Supplement Award” in our Tabletop Gaming Awards this year. It’s also one of the extremely rare Platinum selling products over at

The first The Secrets of Cats came about not through Kickstarter but a different crowdfunding method known as Patreon. However it’s been proved popular enough with fans and critics alike that Evil Hat Productions (publisher of FATE) has given the go ahead for the sequel to get a full-fledged Kickstarter. Even better, this particular Kickstarter offers a low goal of only 400 GBP, so if it is even 1/10th the success of the original Secrets of Cats Animals & Threats is going to blow away a lot of its intended stretch goals.

The pledge rewards are all fabulous too. For as low as three quid (approximately $4.50 USD), you can get a digital version of the new book Animals & Threats. For ten pounds, you can send in a picture of your pet and have them featured in the book. For thirty pounds, you can get a 1,000 word write up of a topic of your choice (within reason) included in the book. For a mere thirty-five, Richard Bellingham will run a game for you and your friends of The Secrets of Cats via Google Hangouts. These rewards are terrific and an utter bargain compared to some other Kickstarters, so this is definitely something you want to get in on the ground floor of.

Now, if you’ve never played Fate Core and/or you missed out on the first The Secrets of Cats books, have no fear! You can always purchase both through either or Evil Hat Production’s web site. Again, you should definitely consider picking up one or either in addition to this Kickstarter so you get the full range of rules. I’m hoping they will add both of these options as add-ons for the campaign or let you stack rewards as I’d love to get all three of my cats and their late Matriarch (a grey hare. It’s a long story) all written up for the game. Ten pounds a shot is too good a deal to pass up.

Again, if you missed out on the original The Secrets of Cats, taking part in the Animals & Threats Kickstarter is a fantastic way to see why this has been such a popular addition to the FATE Core lineup of products. You can view the actual Kickstarter here. You have until February 28th to pledge. Currently as I hit “Publish” on this news article, The Secrets of Cats: Animals & Threats only has thirteen backers, but it’s also more than 25% of the way to its goal. Back it early and help those stretch goals get reached!



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One response to “The Secrets of Cats: Animals & Threats Kickstarter is Now Live! (FATE Core System)”

  1. Skimble Avatar

    Thanks for writing about the Kickstarter, Alex! Just one minor correction; the 1,000 word write-ups and the virtual pets aren’t going in the book, they’re for the person who commissions them. If they okay the sharing of them then I will share them, but otherwise they’re for their personal use only.

    If you’d like to stack up multiple characters I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement, Alex. I’m limiting the number of those for my own sanity but if you pledge the higher amount and e-mail me with the details of your own pets I’ll gladly add them on for you.

    The same goes for other people, but please check with me first; I need to make sure I can manage the load!

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