Diehard Gamefan Flashback 01/12/2005: NFL Street 2 Review, Resident Evil 4 First Impressions

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First Impressions: Resident Evil 4 (Nintendo Gamecube)

As a fan of the series there’s just something satisfying about waiting in anticipation for the game to be released then booting the game up to hear that deep voice say “Resident Evil Four“. You’ve got to give the guy who does the voice credit for being able to make the number four sound like something you’d be afraid to meet in a dark alley. But it’s one of the staples of the Resident Evil series and gets you back into the zombie killing mood. Except there are no zombies this time around…

Right away the game explains some of the background of what happened in Racoon City and the Umbrella Corporation, and then explains that six years have passed. The story moves on to Leon Kennedy, the rookie cop from Resident Evil 2, who is now a government agent looking for the Presidents missing daughter in some remote European location. Leon with two other local law officers stop near a village to ask is anyone has seen the girl, and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

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Review: NFL Street 2 (XBx)

Last year, EA released their first “extreme” football game entitled NFL Street. It took the 32 teams of the NFL, brought them outside the rules and regulations of organized sports, and threw them into the realm of “street football”, where trash talking, style, and popping rocks are the order of the day. (Stop thinking dirty! PERVERTS!) For those of us used to the “extreme” nature found in titles like NFL Blitz, this was certainly different, and pretty enjoyable…

…for the first five minutes. When I played the first incarnation a year ago, I ended up very disappointed. The game was good, but the single-player experience left much to be desired. The only in-depth mode you could find was one where you created your own team, beat challenges against other teams, and fight your way to beating NFL all-stars. And what did you get after you beat the mode? An all-star for your team. That’s it. You couldn’t even beat all the challenges the game gave you. You had to pick and choose EVERYTHING, and you never knew you had limited amounts of points to work with. It was criminal. And without Live support, you couldn’t even show off your created team to anyone else except relatives and close friends. VERY disappointing.

But now a year has past, and a new version is out for all to see. I’m willing to give the series a second chance, seeing as the first game had a pretty fun premise, but not enough meat for me to get into fully. So how does the second one measure up? Read on and find out!

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