Diehard Gamefan Flashback 01/05/2005: Inside Pulse Games 2004 Year End Awards

Inside Pulse launched on August 9, 2004, and has covered the world of gaming for over a decade. Every day, we take a look back at what was happening in the world of gaming 10 years ago, as reported right here at Inside Pulse/Diehard Gamefan!

Inside Pulse Games 2004 Year End Awards

2004. It feels very different from the year before. Just last year, the Kliq was complaining about what a horrible year for gaming it was. We had Disgaea, Ikaruga, Pokemon Channel, a new Panzer Dragoon…and well, that was really it. 2003 made us all worry that gaming was starting to suck. But 2004 was a complete turn around. So many great games in so many different categories. There was a resurgence of 2D shooters! Tactical and Action RPG’s made a come back in a big way. It was also the year of the remake with Pokemon, Shining Force, Bubble Bobble, Guardian heroes, River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden, The Bard’s Tale, Midway Arcade Treasures 2, the Zelda Collector’s Edition and Mega Man Anniversary Collection all making big waves in the VGC. And of course it was the year of the heavily hyped Sequels. Half Life 2! Halo 2! GTA:SA! And other sequels to classic franchises like R-Type Final, Gradius V and more.

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Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon (GBA)

Not really a surprise here. Considering Shining Force has and always will be the measuring stick for tactical RPG’s since 1992, it’s not hard to see why the re-release won this award. Shining Force gives you everything you could want in a Tactical RPG. A strong plot with memorable characters, great graphics, but of course the best overall tactical combat you can find. Sure games like Ogre Tactics and FFT give you a lot more options in terms of character design, but Shining Force gives you actual tactics and terrains you have to deal with in a way no other tactics game has ever bothered to, and emphasizes the personality of the characters instead of giving you 1-2 characters with a back story and a dozen plus generics. And unlike a lot of other tactics games, Shining Force is fast paced and manages to appeal to even action RPG fans. Truly, Shining Force is still the king of Tactical RPG’s, and as this award shows, there’s very little chance of it EVER losing that crown.

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The Reader’s Choice Awards

When compared with 2003, the gap between what the Kliq feels and the readers feel has come closer together than ever. Perhaps the true quality titles of 2004 are shining so brightly that it’s easy to see them. Or perhaps we’ve educated you all. Either way, it looks like we still have some more work to do. Keep it here, so we can tell you what to think going into the new year. ;) In the meantime, these are YOUR PICKS ladies and gentlemen…

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