Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/31/2004: DDR Festival: Dance Dance Revolution

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Encore Extra Stage #10

Welcome to Friday! The last Friday of 2004, as a matter of fact!

Come to think of it, my column will be the last TWO columns you’ll read this year in the Games section. No one else, other than Alex Lucard, managed to write anything in between last Friday and this Friday. Dipping into the champagne a bit early, eh guys?

Seriously, lets get into it for the week. What do I have to close out the year for everyone? Well, we look at the latest DDR game from Japan, and we take a look at what I’ve learned from this past year. Ready for some final 2004 goodness? No? TOO BAD! HERE WE GO ANYWAY!


Despite all the negative things I’ve said about the game in columns past, I picked up my own copy of DDR Festival: Dance Dance Revolution recently. Why, you may ask, after I was so busy in displaying all the anti-virtues it may or may not have possessed? Well, I’m a completionist. And as such, I am inclined to buy this particular version of the game to round out my collection. Sure, the game is chocked full of songs I already have spanned across numerous game systems, but there ARE some other songs that I haven’t played yet. And new songs equate to new challenges, and I’m all for them in any form.

Add to the fact that “un deux trois” was included with EyeToy options, and I couldn’t say no. I was a MUST PURCHASE at that point.

What?!? I bought DDR Party Collection solely for “Moonlight Shadow”, AND I didn’t have a JPS2 back then. I’m not THAT hard to please!

No, I’m not obsessed. What makes you think THAT?!?!

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