Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/24/2004: Retrograding: The Year of the Retrogame

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Okay, maybe there is. Consider this a Holiday Present. I’ve been having so much fun with Nyogtha and getting a lot of great feedback, but there’s still emails and forums comments about “Bring back Retrograding.” And so I decided to do the occasional column just to keep you wonderful bastards on your toes.

Many of you know I thought 2003 was a terrible year for gaming. There’s a very small amount of games I can remember caring about. Pokemon Channel, Disgaea, Ikargua, a new Panzer Dragoon game. That’s really it. But 2004 has been one of the most memorable years of gaming in a very long time. And what better way to look back at 2004 than with RETROGRADING?

1. The Year of the Retrogame
Man, has this year made my old school gamer heart swell with pride. Above all else in 2004, this was the year of old games coming back and making a big name for themselves. The two biggest remakes on the top of my head are on the Game Boy Advance. I’m talking about Pokemon Fire Red/Lead Green and Shining Force; Resurrection of the Dark Dragon. Not only are both of these two of my favorite series of all times, but the remakes were totally authentic to the originals, allowing long time fans to recapture the magic they found with these games all those years ago. And with graphical updates and slight tweaks and changes, the games managed to draw in new and skeptical gamers, creating a whole new generation of fans who will cherish these games as we did so long ago (in video gaming years).

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