Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/23/2004: Nintendo DS Launch Talk

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Encore Extra Stage #09

So you can consider this my official “catch-up” session. I’ll spare the more boring topics (well, boring to me) and cover what I deem worthy subject matter. Ready? GO!


Back on November 21st, I was the first in line at my local Gamestop to obtain Nintendo’s brand new handheld system. And I was looking forward to this puppy more than most things on my 2004 video game hit list. My anticipation for the unit was brought down a little bit over the last couple of months, however, through a combination of factors. There were other games coming out in the same time frame I already had on reserve, with both Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2 coming out the same stinkin’ WEEK. Then there was my schoolwork, which can put a hamper on ANYTHING. Finally, in regards to the unit itself, was the fact that most of the titles I was looking forward to were pushed back to the next year. No Wario Ware until February. No Metroid until May. No “New” Super Mario Bros. until whenever the hell they decided to releases it (at that time, of course). So, perhaps I wasn’t as psyched as I could have been.

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