A Look at 365 Dungeons -2015 Daily Dungeon Desk Calendar

365 Dungeons -2015 Daily Dungeon Desk Calendar”
Publisher: Fantasy Publishing
Cost: $19
Get it Here: Nothing yet. Check the Kickstarter updates for the eventual url link FP will make

Back in March I backed a Kickstarter campaign entitled, “365 Dungeons – 2015 Daily Dungeon Desk Calendar.” I thought it was a cute ide and so did 739 other people. Fantasy Printing’s venture was only trying to raise about $2,500 but ended up bringing in a hair over 19K in pledges. That’s pretty impressive. Essentially 365 Dungeons is the same as any other daily calendar where you rip off a page and read what is there, except instead of the item of the day being a Garfield cartoon, pretty picture or sage saying, you have a dungeon you can run with your tabletop gaming buddies. Several of the dungeons were submitted by bidders and so you were guaranteed to have a wide variety of options thrown at you. Now, no one went into this thinking they would actually be able to use all 365 dungeons, but they were all going to be at least interesting to look at. My copy of the calendar arrived Saturday evening and I decided to share with you a few snapshots of the calendar and some example dungeons in case you are interesting in purchasing one of these calendars for yourself (or as a late holiday present) once they are available to the general public. Let’s take a look!


The front cover of the box.


The back cover of the box.


The first page of the calendar. It’s a thank you and also an explanation of how to use the calendar, even without any dice or gaming system.


Random number and loot charts


Character sheet.







Six sample dungeons. Notice how some are in black and white and others are in color. There is no rhyme or reason to which ones get the full color treatment. Click on each dungeon for a larger version of each.

So that’s really it. I have no time or inclination to show you all 365 pages. Plus that would defeat the purpose of you purchasing the calendar for yourselves. If you’re interesting, keep poking around the Kickstarter page for the calendar and a URL where Fantasy Publishing will be selling off the extra stock will eventually show up. It’s an excellent calendar. I love the theme, it’s very well made and a little big larger than most daily calendars. The dungeon quality runs the gambit from professional designed to something that looks like a child made it, but that’s what happens when you let backers submit there own for a nominal fee. The entire calendar is a fantastic idea though and it was well worth the $17 I paid for it (go early bird pledging!). It’s something I will definitely be using all year. The hard part will be not peeking ahead to see what is next.



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