Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/09/2004: Feel The Magic: XY/XX (Nintendo DS)

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Review: Feel The Magic: XY/XX (Nintendo DS)

At one time, Nintendo and Sega were bitter rivals. All of us 16-bit generation gamers can recount the titanic battles fought between these two giants. System VS system. Mascot VS mascot. Brother against brother. (Well, maybe two out of the three.) Then stuff happened, and Sega dropped out of the console race to become a third-party publisher. And the strange thing is that Sega, once the bitter rival of Nintendo, has always been there to take advantage of whatever Nintendo gave them. GBA/GC connectivity? Sega was the first by connecting their Sonic games. Broadband adaptor? Sega stepped up first with Phantasy Star Online. Quirky, exclusive titles? Say hello to Billy Hatcher & The Giant Egg. Co-operative ventures? F-Zero: GX. Nintendo hands opportunities out to people, and Sega runs with them, whether they fly in the long run or not.

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