Diehard Gamefan Flashback 12/08/2004: WWE Smackdow! vs Raw, Backyard Wrestling 2 Reviews

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Review: Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood (XB)

Eidos returns to the world of Backyard wrestling again with the recent release of Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood. Is the game able to capture the chaos of…you know what, screw this. In fact skip the rest of the review unless you want to share in the pain that was my experience in playing this game. It sucks.

(Editor’s Note: Hey, hey, hey!! We can’t tell the readers that. We gotta keep em’ in suspense. Ignore what he just said people. You never know. After reading this review, you may just find Backyard Wrestling 2 to be one of the best games you’ll ever… oh, I can’t fake it either. It really does suck.)

Let’s get this over with.

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Review: WWE Smackdow! vs Raw (PS2)

Another year, another Smackdown game. THQ and Yukes are back with the sixth game in this long running series, and possibly the last WWE game that we will see from that team. The last Smackdown game provided some much needed change in gameplay that helped turn around what looked to be a slowly stagnating series after Just Bring It and added a little more depth to the game without losing the fast pace of the other Smackdown games. How does Smackdown vs Raw compare?

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