A Look at the Castles & Crusades Leatherbound Editions!

Back in June of this year, I backed the Castles & Crusades Kickstarter. This Kickstarter by Troll Lord Games was to fund a sixth printing of the Player’s Handbook in full colour. Stretch Goals were obtained so that the Monsters & Treasure and Castle Keeper’s Guide were able to be printed in full color as well. Best of all, Troll Lord Games made leatherbound copies available to those willing to pony up the funds for them. As long-time readers know, I’m a big fan of Castles & Crusades and that I’ve been playing it since the very first printing. So I really didn’t need physical copies of the new ones, especially since I would definitely get digital ones. In fact I reviewed the digital versions of those new printings in July (PHB) and September (M&T), so if you’re curious about the contents of those books, read the reviews. Instead, in this article, we are going to take a look at the pledge that arrived on 11/29 for me. You’ll notice the Castle Keeper’s Guide hasn’t arrived yet, but it’s still being put together. So don’t expect that for a few more months. Now, let’s look at the Kickstarter reward sent to me so far and all that it entails.


A shot of both the Player’s Handbook and the Monsters & Treasure books side by side.


The PHB on its own.


The Monsters & Treasure manual on its own.


The leatherbound PHB side by side with the regular version funded in this Kickstarter.


Besides the leatherbound books, Troll Lord Games also sent many of the stretch goals, including a whopping FIVE adventures. This is The Fantastic Adventure and like many of the adventure stretch goals, this is a reprint of a long out of print piece from TLG’s earliest days. It is for four to eight characters between Levels 1-3.


The Mortality of Green is an adventure for four to eight characters between Levels 3-5




These next three adventures for a min-campaign for low level characters. Vakhund: Into the Unknown is for characters Levels 1-2. Dzeebagd: Under Dark & Misty Ground is the second adventure and it is for characters Levels 2-4. Felsenthein: Dogs of War is the third and final adventure and is designed for characters Levels 3-5. Together they form the Death on the Treklant! trilogy.




The package also came with three posters. One for the “Knights of the Crusade” Society, one of the PHB, Sixth printing regular cover, and one for “Aufstrag.”


Finally, Troll Lord Games sent out a huge pack of Castles & Crusades character sheets.


A character sheet is a single double-sided page. Here’s a look at both sides.



Finally here are close ups of the front and the back of the character sheets.

So there you go – a look at the full Castles & Crusades Leatherbound Kickstarter rewards…so far. There’s still more to come. Products like this and all the extras that come with stretch goals are what make crowdfunding worth it to me. You get a lot more bang for your buck than you would if you did a simple preorder. C&C has another Kickstarter coming up, so keep checking for that. I have no doubt the end result will be a multitude of backer rewards as high quality as these.



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