Unboxing of Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX Collector’s Edition

While both Kingdom Hearts HD games have gotten their own limited editions in the form of artbook/case hybrids, it isn’t until Kingdom Hearts HD II.5 ReMIX that Square Enix made a collector’s edition proper. It contains a steelbook case, an artbook (separate from the case), a Heartless plushie, and a pin. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that the original HD collection is contained within. Yep, I had to have it. So indulge me while I find out how cool everything turned out to be, yeah?

I snapped pics of the sides of the box too, though the left and right as well as the top and bottom look the same.

The anticipation is killing me. Let’s open this thing up!

Looks like there’s something on one of the flaps there… ah, it’s the pin!

Here are the rest of the contents sprawled out.

It seems irresponsible to free the Heartless from his plastic prison, but I did it anyway so you can get a closer look.

Next up is the art book. I’m… way more excited than I should be that this isn’t attached to a case.

Some good stuff in here.

Here’s a close up of that steelbook case.

Inside you’ll find both I.5 and II.5 as well as their “manuals.”

This is the reason I put manuals in quotations. This is literally all they are.

Now for the size comparison.

Damn, that’s a big box.

Overall, it’s a pretty good set. I love steelbook cases, so I was a fan of that instantly. The plushie is pretty good quality too and the fact that the art book is standalone is cause to celebrate. I would’ve loved to have a soundtrack in here somewhere, since the series has some great music. If you want to pick one up for yourself, they go for $99.99. They don’t actually appear in the official Square Enix store either, but rather the Kingdom Hearts website. It also doesn’t ship via Digital River anymore, but rather PepitaStore. I have zero familiarity with them, but my item arrived on time and without damage, so… yay? Anyways, thanks for checking out my unboxing! Do come again!



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