Tabletop Review: Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles – Lava Cavern and Elevation Packs

Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles: Lava Cavern and Elevation Packs
Publisher: Dwarven Forge
Cost: $55 Unpainted/$75 Painted (Lava Cavern)/$50 Unpainted/$70 Painted (Elevation)
Release Date: November 2014
Get them Here:

Welcome to our fourth and final look at Dwarven Forger’s new Cavern tiles for your tabletop miniatures. Today we are looking at two sets. The first is the Lava Cavern set and the second is the Elevation set. I really enjoy both and think they are an excellent addition to the Base Set, which we covered on Tuesday. Let’s take a look at them now.


Here is a look at all the tiles you get in the Lava Cavern pack. All of the tiles are ones you can find in the Base Set or Stretch Goal packs, but these have been given a magma/lava paint job instead of a regular cavern look. There’s even a hallway piece which is half regular cavern and half lava cavern, so it acts as a transitional tile to your magma filled room. I love th elook and feel of these.


Here’s a quick room I threw together using nothing but the Lava Cavern tile set. It’s not very creative or interesting, but it does use all the tiles and give you an idea as to how they can be arranged.


Next up is the Elevation Pack. This picture shows all the tiles that come in the set. There are four sets of steps, two narrow bridges, a set of curved steps and eight floor tiles that are twice as high up as regular floor tiles. You can use these to make a little mountain or just to show some sort of topography in your caverns.


Here are all four curved step tiles put together to form a small hill.


Here are all the different types of tiles that come in the Elevation pack being used to make an example of a rock bridge formation.


Finally, here is a look at the Elevation and Lava Cavern Tiles being used in conjunction with the Lava River and Base set tiles to make a lava themed dungeon complete with miniatures doing battle. Yes, that is Tanis Half-Elven and Raistlin Majere showing up in the battle scene.

So there you go, a quick look at two more sets of Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles. I really like both of these and they really help to make your cavern based dungeon come to live. As always, these tiles are VERY pricey so you should probably buy a base set first and see if this is something you enjoy or not. If you don’t do a lot of gaming with tabletop miniatures, you should probably pass on these. IF you do however, these two sets of tiles will really enhance any dungeon you design.



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