Unboxing: The Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL

It was time for me to get a new 3DS, so I went for the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth 3DS XL. I’ve been a fan of Persona since the PSX days and this particular 3DS was the coolest I’ve seen so far. Previously all of my GBA and DS’ were Pokémon themed, and I own the Pikachu 3DS XL, so this makes the 3DS XL my second ever non Pokémon themed portable Nintendo system. I thought it might be fun for our readers to see the system up close, so I decided to do this short little unboxing photo gallery. Let’s take a look!


Front of the box.


Back of the box.


Inner box removed!


Nearly there. Only the wrapping paper left to go!


The top of the 3DS XL.


The bottom of the 3DS XL.


The inside of the 3DS XL. A bit disappointing that the inside is just plain black instead of some Persona design available. Still, the overall 3DS is pretty sweet. I have to get used to the size of the XL screens though.


My original launch 3DS with my new Persona Q 3DS XL. By now we all know the sign difference, but I thought the comparison would be a fun way to end the photo gallery.

That’s it. Like I said, this was short and sweet. It’s just a regular 3DS XL with funky Persona Q themed art after all. Hope you enjoyed the photos.



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