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Chicago wig enthusiasts, be excited, as Arda Wigs has started doing workshops for those who are interested in improving their wig-styling skills. With Malindachan as host (who we have interviewed not once but twice, along with Ex-Shadow), they are giving us the opportunity to explore various skills required for creating the types of fantastic wigs Arda Wigs fans are known for. If you’re in the area and are interested in learning more about the art of customizing wigs, please register for the event and drop by!

Wigs 101, which introduced attendees to caring for wig, the proper way to store and travel with them, the differences between synthetic and human hair, and how to select the right kind of wigs for your upcoming projects, was held on October 15. They also surprised us with the ability to pick out our own wig to take home–I was lucky enough to be able to choose first (we drew numbers) and nabbed a Platinum Blonde Jasmine, which was incredibly exciting. The crew also stayed around after the event to allow people to buy products and answer questions, including, “What kind of wig should I get for [x] cosplay?” and, “How do I get all this hair to fit under my wig and not look weird?”

Wigs 102 is going to be held this Saturday, October 18, from 2-4pm. Attendees will receive a wig and clip-on bang. They will also be able to purchase wigs and other items (e.g. wig stands) from Arda Wigs at 20% off. Tickets can be found here.

Begin the styling process and start planning out how to get your wig looking just like your favorite character.
ADMISSION: $50 (Includes wig and clip on bang)
Students attending are required to have their own wig head, wig stand, a fine-toothed comb, scissors/shears, and hairspray.Wig heads, wig stands, and combs are available on site at a 20% discount. All other supplies can be acquired at your local hair supply store (Sally’s for example).

Wigs 103 is going to be held Sunday, November 9, from 1-3pm. Attendees will receive a wig and razor comb. They will also be able to purchase wigs and other items (e.g. wig stands) from Arda Wigs at 20% off. Tickets can be found here.

Get some quality pointers from wig stylist Malindachan. Working alongside with her will be professional hair stylist Abby Doud.
ADMISSION: $45 (Includes wig and razor comb)
Students are required to have a wig head, wig stand, scissors/shears, and thinning shears. Wig heads and wig stands are available on site at a 20% discount. Scissors/shears are available at your local hair supply store (Sally’s for example).

As an attendee of the first workshop, I can say that Malindachan and the rest of the Arda Wigs staff are fantastic. Not only were they helpful and engaging, but the atmosphere of the class was welcoming and people of all skill levels felt comfortable asking a variety of questions. I’m on the fairly new end of cosplaying, especially when it comes to making your own costumes, and had a friend with me who had never done anything with it but was interested in starting. We were sitting next to people who had created multiple costumes of their own, and everyone had a great time together. My friend and I felt like we’d learned a lot coming out of it, and I am hoping to be able to find a way to attend the other two events.

For more information on the events, please check out the Eventbrite pages linked with each session. If you would like more information on Arda Wigs, feel free to check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.






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