Unboxing of DanganRonpa 2: Goodbye Despair Limited Edition

If you already witnessed my unboxing of the original DanganRonpa game, then you knew that I wouldn’t pass up the chance to snatch the second as well. Especially since it promises more goodies than were included the first time around. It went on sale at a $59.99 price point on NISA’s online store, though it has long since sold out. So you’re out of luck for getting one yourself unless a fellow fan is willing to part with theirs. Still, come along as I unveil what’s inside this thing, won’t you?

Here, I even left the plastic wrap on for you. You’ll notice the box is much larger than its predecessor.

Someone’s leg got cut off.

Monokuma’s… yeah.

Anyway, now that you’ve had plenty of time to awe at the box, let’s open that sucker up.

Here I’ve emptied out all of the contents so you can see.

First up, a sticker. Yes, Monokuma. I think we would all agree.

You know those coins that always turn up in the most random of places and can be traded for gifts? You can have one of your own now.

I took it out of the case and flipped it over so you can see the backside too.

Confidential? I like the sound of that. Actually, it’s just the art book.

Let’s see what’s insi… Wow, Byakuya really let himself go!

The soundtrack comes in a nice jewel case, which is awesome.


And lastly we have… are those sunglasses? Well, given the game’s setting I suppose it makes sense. Now you can despair in style!


You should know what the game itself looks like if you didn’t get it digitally yet, but in case you don’t…

And the size comparison.

Overall, it’s a big step up from set for the first game. The box is much sturdier and the included swag is thematically fitting. And you can bet I’ll be wearing those shades when I fire up the game… is what I would say if I didn’t have regular glasses to wear. Bummer. If you haven’t already, check out Mark’s review for the game. Otherwise, thanks for checking out my unboxing!



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