Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 8/22/14 (Ghirahim, Zero Suit Samus)

An alternate costume, two more assist trophies and the sound test mode.  We’re down to the wire here – Just about 3 weeks until the Japanese launch date of Smash 3DS which is when we’ll learn every little detail, so I’d expect at least one more big reveal before then.

Monday the 18th – The Nightmare Returns

The Nightmare Wizard from Kirby’s Adventure on the NES returns to…engulf the stage in darkness.  Congrats, you’re the worst assist trophy and we all hate you and your effect for ruining the flow of the fun.  These types of effects will now affect AI fighters, too so that’s a plus.  Human players will continue to flail about blindly and KO themselves.

Tuesday the 19th – Less than Zero Suit Samus

Samus’ alternate costume is revealed – Her shorts and top as seen in various Metroid games when one finishes the game under a certain time or at a certain item collection percentage.  Mr. Sakurai is quick to point out that Samus’ designer is a female, so as to avoid the obvious criticisms that usually come along when Samus is pictured in sexy garb.  If this update does anything, it shows that ZSS’s position when firing her Paralyzer shot is ludicrous, since her whole torso looks contorted.  Anyone who actually gets upset over this costume should take a look at other fighting games and many in the action genre as well – This isn’t exactly gratuitous.

Wednesday the 20th – Smash Run Treasure

Smash Run treasure chests will contain not just the powerups that the mode is designed around, but parts for custome characters and powers for your next try at Smash Run.  Keep an eye open for those item bags and prioritize picking them up.  Also beware of trick treasure chests called Mimicuties from Kid Icarus: Uprising as they’ll chase you down and if they’re as tough as they are in their source game, they’ll be persistent!

Thursday the 21st – Demon Lord Ghirahim

There were folks hoping for Ghirahim to be a playable villain in Smash, but once again the hopeful are left taking an Assist Trophy instead.  Ghirahim spawns with his blade in hand, and considering his source material I expect him to be a bit of a cross of Lyn and Samurai Goroh, likely teleporting around a few times seeking foes to slash.  We’ve still yet to have Ganondorf properly confirmed so at the moment, there is no Zelda series villain representative.


Friday the 22nd – Sound Check!

Sound test mode will be pretty substantial, considering the amount of effort that goes into the soundtrack of a Smash game.  You’ll be given the series and game source for a selected track, plus an indication that a song is from a previous entry in the series or a new arrangement.  You can select the soundtrack for Smash Run (which, while a minor addition, is really cool) and even throw on your headphones, pick a bunch of songs and put the 3DS into sleep mode to listen to tunes on the go.  Sound test and the trophy collection are a huge part of Smash being not just a great game, but a real love letter to Nintendo’s rich history.



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