Unboxing of Tales of Xillia 2 Collector’s Edition

It’s unusual to have two Tales games release in the same year, much less two Tales games with collector’s edition. It was a no brainer purchase for me considering how much I enjoyed the one for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles. This set is the most expensive one they’ve done for this series yet at a whopping $129.99, though given the size of the box, it’s easy to see why. Let’s check it out, shall we?

Here is that massive box in all its glory.

And now for the prizes inside.

Here’s all the contents laid out so you can see everything altogether.

I haven’t begun the game yet, so I don’t know what this cat thing is, but he’s a cute little stuffed critter.

A butt.

The art book is hard cover, and almost like a miniature coffee table book. There’s some good content in it to boot.

Back cover.

Inside (found the Milla page!)

Here is the one item that’s not readily obvious as to its contents at first glance.

Hm, still not enough clues.

There’s a warning label on the back of the box. “This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.” Well, I don’t live in California, so I’ll probably be okay.

Looks to be a pouch on the inside. Getting warmer.

And it is… *drumroll* A WATCH! Between this and the Lightning Returns set, I won’t be running out of watches anytime soon.

The back has the name of the game on it.

The inside looks almost steampunk-ish in design. That white glowing section on the bottom is actually a mirror.

Now for the game itself. There’s a regular and steelbook case included.

There are a few discoveries to be had on the inside. The game comes with a paper manual (yay!), the steelbook case houses the soundtrack, and there’s a slip with the track listings and costume DLC.

Underneath all of the goodies, there’s some inner art to be enjoyed.

Wait, what is that artwork of anyway? Is that… cats?

… Moving on. Here’s the steelbook up close.

And the track listing.

Now for the star attraction: The Ludger figure.

After battling with hordes of tape, Ludger is finally freed from his cardboard prison.

Finally, the obligatory comparison shots.

And the side view. Damn, that box is big.

It’s hard to say which set I like better between this and Symphonia. It may not be a fair comparison due to the price difference, but in either case, Bandai Namco delivers again with an excellent set that fans are sure to enjoy. I would’ve appreciated a more extensive soundtrack than what was presented here, but the inclusion both two different cases (one steelbook and one regular) and an actual manual really won me over. The Ludger figure, while not super high quality, is pretty neat too. Add in the miniature plush and art book and it makes for a worthwhile set if you have the cash to spare.



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