Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 8/15 (Metaknight, Smash Run)

Big week – Metaknight returns!  MK was one of the most anticipated Brawl veterans to return, and Mr. Sakurai took his time revealing him.  In fact, he teased it on Monday.  In other news, details on setting your powers for Smash Run.

Monday the 11th – Miitaknight Returns?

Quick “funny” update from Mr. Sakurai, showing some customization options for your Mii Fighter characters, one of which happens to be a certain winged warrior’s mask…


Tuesday the 12th – One-up!

Ok so technically not the traditional green mushroom that the term brings to mind, but functionally it’s the same.  Hoist the flag overhead for a long enough period of time and get an extra point/KO in a time match or an extra lift in a stock match.  This is a pretty logical addition, and considering some of the items that went into Brawl I’m surprised a one-up mushroom wasn’t part of the process.


Wednesday the 13th – Metaknight Returns!!

Oh Sakurai, you sly dog.  Metaknight returns, Galaxia in hand.  You can see my full response to the reveal here.  Metaknight was hotly anticipated and was likely held back from being revealed for a quick hype infusion as we approach the Japanese release of the 3DS version.  The only real change we know of to Metaknight is that his Shuttle Loop Up-B special has a different hit box and he won’t glide out of it, so recovering with MK may have just gotten significantly more difficult.

Thursday the 14th – Mega Alternatives

Some of Mega Man’s alternate moves are showcased, namely Plant Barrier and Beat.  Plant Barrier is an obvious alternate to Leaf Shield but no word on how it functions differently.  Possibilities include better defensive capabilities (IE, taking more hits before they disappear) or offensive ones (stronger when thrown).  Beat on the other hand, is logically an alternative to Rush Coil but may be the most distinct alternate special we’ve seen so far.  If Beat just clamps on and flies up it would be a huge difference from the Coil jump.  Glad to see that the alternate moves won’t just be “big, regular, fast” but may end up being love letters to the characters and their rich histories.


Friday the 15th – Smash Run Powers

Some more detail on the way powers are assigned in the 3DS version’s Smash Run mode.  While the set up and functionality is wildly similar to Sakurai’s own Kid Icarus: Uprising power set up, the system is a bit different.  Rather than play “fit the pieces” we get 25 “weight” points to play with.  Each power will take up 1-5 points so you can select between offensive bursts, defensive boosts or a happy mix of the two.  If this is just like KI:U, then there may be multiple versions of similar moves with stronger or weaker effect.  That 5 point Power Bomb might be devastating but if it means you can’t bring an Auto-Recover, perhaps you should pick the weaker 3 point one?  We also have no idea if different characters will have different weight limits.  Be a shame if Bowser is toting huge amounts of powers and poor Kirby only has a handful!



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