Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 8/8/14 (Daybreak, Trophies, Gameboy)

Monday the 4thThe Frog Prince

Assist Trophies are a good way to wedge in an obscure reference.  The Sable Prince  from a Japan-only game that was rather similar to Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening will turn into a snake or frog and attack your opponents relentlessly so use this opportunity to lay in with a smash attack.  Glad to see more straight forward “attack the opponent” assist trophies, as opposed to odd things that appear on screen like Nintendog and don’t help the user at all.

Tuesday the 5th – Daybreak

Another three part item akin to the Dragoon from Brawl.  Characters will wield Daybreak the same way they do the Cracker Launcher, aiming up and down and able to strafe around the stage.  Since Mr. Sakurai loves being vague, we get no indication of how powerful the beam is.  Same to assume it’ll either deal a wild amount of damage or be like Samus’ Final Smash – A large beam you can aim up and down in one shot to hope for a kill or two.  Despite how often I cite my competitive background, I can’t help but be excited for this one after how frantically my friends and I fight for Dragoon pieces when we fire up Brawl.

Wednesday the 6th – Support Pokemon

Interesting twist on the usual Pokeball Pokemon – Now we have pokemon that will increase your stats.  Xerneas increases the launch power for all fighters, but the user gets the biggest boost.  In Pokemon X/Y Geomancy is a two turn stat boosting move, so this fits pretty well with the original design.  The living nuclear reactor Victini actually uses one of its abilities, not an attack.  Victory Star increases the attack of the user.  A little different than the accuracy boost in Pokemon Black/White but still a welcome boost during the usual free for all fracas.

Thursday the 7th – Portable Trophy Case

We get a look at the trophy gallery and shop for the 3DS version.  As usual, each trophy gets a healthy dose of flavor text for those that don’t know their lore.  In between bouts of Smash Run and practicing combos, it’s fun to take a look at this content.  It’s a great reminder of what the Smash Bros series is really all about, a love letter to Nintendo and its fans.

Friday the 8th – Gameboy-oh boy

So…I guess we get a stage based on the original Gameboy.  If this means fighting as Tetris blocks fall, I’m fine with that.  As usual, Mr. Sakurai doesn’t actually detail anything so we need to speculate.  Games that can’t always get love in the form of items or characters (the aforementioned Tetris, for example) will likely get a visual shoutout here.  Expect this one to play similar to Pictochat or Flat Zone 2 from Brawl.



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