Don’t Miss This: GenCon 2014 Poker Game

Flying Buffalo created a neat poker deck in 2008 called the “Origins Poker Deck,” which features four famous game designers as the king cards and ads from various game companies, conventions, and stores as the rest of the deck. The original deck was sold at the 2008 Origins Game Convention; the kings that year were Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Jim Dunnigan, and Redmond Simonsen. This year’s kings are Ken St. Andre of Tunnels and Trolls fame, Richard H. Berg (also known as “The Pope of Wargaming”), Tom Dalgliesh of Columbia Games, and Liz Danforth of FBInc.

This year, as they have in the past, Flying Buffalo is offering a contest. They’ve provided a list of booths that you can stop by once per day in order to collect a free random card from the deck. The first person to accumulate a straight flush (that’s five cards in a row for those non-poker players out there) should go to the Flying Buffalo booth (1105 in the exhibit hall) to get an entry into a drawing for a prize from their prize table. The drawing will be at noon on Sunday.

If you don’t want to collect the contest deck, which has a green back, you can opt to buy the complete purple deck for $5 each. Flying Buffalo also has decks from 2008 and 2009.

Be sure to stop by Flying Buffalo in order to have a chance at some cool prizes!


If you’re not at Gen Con and are interested in the card list, here are the cards for the 2014 deck.

Ace of Spades: Gorilla Games 
King of Spades: Ken St Andre
Queen of Spades: Chaosium
Jack of Spades: Traveller 
Ten of Spades: R&R Games Nine of Spades: Sherwood Games
Eight of Spades: Book Maze Book
Seven of Spades: Ace of Aces
Six of Spades: Castle Perilous
Five of Spades: Fellowship of the Troll
Four of Spades: Mepa Con
Three of Spades: Greater Games Industry Catalog
Two of Spades: Texicon

Ace of Clubs: Columbia Games
King of Clubs: Tom Dalgliesh
Queen of Clubs: Queens Blade
Jack of Clubs: Traveller 
Ten of Clubs: Thompson Productions Thompson Productions
Nine of Clubs: Main Street Music
Eight of Clubs: Fellowship of the White
Seven of Clubs: City of the Gods, Fantasy Novel
Six of Clubs: Steve Crompton, Artist
Five of Clubs: Imperial Outpost Games
Four of Clubs: MEPA Con
Three of Clubs: Game Market Guru
Two of Clubs: CelestiCon

Ace of Diamonds: Kenzer & Co (Aces & Eights)
King of Diamonds: Richard Berg
Queen of Diamonds: Roll2Play
Jack of Diamonds: Jack Wells
Ten of Diamonds: B&R Games
Nine of Diamonds: MTG Card Market
Eight of Diamonds: Trollhalla
Seven of Diamonds: Arcane Wonders
Six of Diamonds: Origins Game Faire
Five of Diamonds: Morrow Project
Four of Diamonds: World Boardgame Championships
Three of Diamonds: RSI 
Two of Diamonds: Peryton Publishing

Ace of Hearts: The Loveshade Family
King of Hearts: Liz Danforth 
Queen of Hearts: Amara Wintersword
Jack of Hearts: Blood and Cardstock
Ten of Hearts: Dungeon Crawl Classics
Nine of Hearts: Reaper Minis
Eight of Hearts: JBM tshirts JBM Press
Seven of Hearts: Eleanor Woolley
Six of Hearts: Janice M. Sellers Janice Sellers 
Five of Hearts: Death Dice
Four of Hearts: Lion Rampant Imports
Three of Hearts: Greater Games Industry Catalog
Two of Hearts: Sources & Methods

King of Coins: Titan Games
Joker: Cheapass Games
Joker: Grimtina







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