Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 7/25/14 (Robin, Starfox, Tomodachi)

Pretty slow week in Smash news.  Little to report on, even less to analyze.

Monday the 21st – Nosferatu

As suspected, Robin’s down-B special is indeed Nosferatu.  It allows him to deal damage and heal himself simultaneously, a Smash Bros first!  If you can attack the opponent from behind, you’ll deal increased damage and presumably restore more health.  If this isn’t especially difficult to hit (unlike, say Melee Mewtwo’s Disable) this will be key to Robin’s game.  If it acts as a command grab like Bowser’s Koopa Klaw and can trump normal moves, even better.

Tuesday the 22nd – The Great Fox

The Great Fox (Star Fox Assault-style) is shown, and Sakurai says to expect characters running on top of it.  This is likely to be a re-imagining of Melee’s Corneria stage.

Wednesday the 23rd – Wily Castle gets milage

The Wily Castle stage from the MegaMan series will appear on both the 3DS and Wii U versions of Super Smash Bros.  On 3ds, the castle shows up in the daytime but is otherwise the same.  Punch-Out‘s boxing ring stage shares the same characteristic and will be on both games as well.

Thursday the 24th – Tomodachi Home Wreckers


Ok, I’m assuming about the “wrecking” part since it looks like the Luigi’s Mansion stage from Brawl.  The rooms are decorated at random, but nothing indicates that the changes will affect gameplay.  As a fun detail, Miis that inhabit your 3DS will appear in some of the living spaces.  Some rooms have furniture in them, so we’ll see if we can chuck those at one another.

Friday the 25th – Menus

The 3DS version of the game’s main menu is shown.  Sakurai loves this aesthetic, sticking with it from Brawl and Kid Icarus: Uprising.  When you tap or highlight a menu option, the bottom screen will give you contextual details.  Safe to assume the Wii U menu will look incredibly similar.



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