Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS Week In Review – 7/18/14 (Robin, Lucina)

Monday the 14th – CHARACTERS…and a trophy

As discussed earlier this week, we have two newcomers and a returning vet.  You can read all the details here.  Early thoughts on design and moveset speculation abound.  Shy of Lucina, the newcomers continue to all have unique and interesting mechanics.

On top of the huge news, we still got a normal daily update – A Rayman trophy will appear in the game.  This sounds pretty inconsequential but Ubisoft had claimed their support of the Wii U was at a minimum. Their designing a 3D model for the Smash series could indicate more Ubisoft influence in the game and on the system in general, but I wouldn’t bank on Rayman showing up in the game.

Tuesday the 15th – Lucina’s Uniqueness

…or lack thereof.  Lucina is confirmed a move for move clone of Marth with the caveat that instead of a sweetspot at the edge of the blade, her power is “distributed evenly”.  In other words, the hitbox of her blade will be the same throughout, so your spacing doesn’t need to be nearly as good as it does when using Marth.  I’ll go as far as to assume that her strikes will be stronger than Marth sourspots at the hilt, but nowhere near the power of a tipper.  I do suspect she’ll have one or two moves that are equivalent to Marth tippers, or else she’ll have a painful time trying to finish off opponents.

Wednesday the 16th – Robin Details

Robin can “activate” his Levin sword when using Smash attacks and it seems that it will stay in this form until it breaks.  Whether it’s a limited number of swings or some internal “meter” function behind the break stands to be seen.  When not using the Levin sword, Robin utilizes a Bronze sword.  Odds are if you want to kill an opponent, you’ll need that Levin sword out.

Levin blade

We’re also told that ArcFire, Robin’s Side-B special, has a unique trajectory.  Robin calls down a “bolt” of flame and then fires a pillar forth.  Depending on the height from which the bolt falls this could be as useful as Pikachu’s Thunder for attacking airborne enemies.  The fact that ArcFire is the only fire spell shown so far points to the Thunder series being the only one with a variable (Thunder, ElThunder, ArcThunder, etc).

Thursday the 17th – Kitties

Nintencats join the Nintendogs on the Living Room stage.  There are 5 breeds of dog you can expect to see in the game, although it seems only one will come out of the Assist Trophy.  Every day can’t be a winning update, kids.

Friday the 18th – Shoot for the Stars


Screen KOs return and are more comical than ever – Sakurai is really making sure there’s some personality in every character’s expressions.  Star KOs can also occur but as time ticks down, they’re less likely.  Expect the closing minute of an item filled fracas to be full of opponents slamming into the screen and blocking your view.


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