Super Smash Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 7/11/14 (Palutena, Mii, Pac-Man)

Monday the 7th – Gunning for Glory

The Mii Gunner is shown performing a side smash, the longest in the game, according to Sakurai.  Why you would show this move and explain how long it is, then not show it directly from the side is beyond me.  It looks like multiple small shots, so I’m willing to bet that the length is off set by minimal kill power.  The last shot might have some oomph behind it, which is how multi hit moves traditionally work in Smash but you’ll have to connect all of them for that to happen.

Tuesday the 8th – Palutena’s Up Smash(es)

The Goddess Palutena has two (or more) options for her up smash, since her moveset seems almost entirely customizable.  Heavenly Light is an enormous vertical beam which reaches about three of her (already tall) body lengths.  Alternately, Palutena can surround herself with a similar-height energy that will cause damage but no hit-stun or knockback, leaving her open.  The latter move will probably be amazing in casual/free for all situations but wide open to punishment in a serious one on one battle.  Palutena remains a curious character design – I was all but positive she would make it in, but I never imagined she would be a blank slate, custom character.  How she’ll work on the competitive side of things is going to be an interesting discussion.


Wednesday the 9th – Find Mii and My Status Change

The Dark Emperor will float around the stage, causing “status effects” on characters.  Red characters receive a power boost.  I’d bet Blue characters get a defense boost and Green get a movement/speed boost.  How things like Dark Link/Pit or characters with an even color distribution on a costume determine their effect remains to be seen.

Thursday the 10th – Light Suit and Uncle Sam Mario

Seems the alternate costume thing spans most of, if not the entire roster.  We already know about Little Mac having wireframe and the famous pink sweatsuit, and now we see Samus’ Light Suit from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and a USA themed get up for Mario, based on NES Open.  Whoever decided that this update didn’t come on July 4th deserves a pink slip.  The alternate costumes may very well me a nod to the efforts of the guys behind Project M, as recent updates have included more and more alternate get ups like classic Fox, Falco & Wolf or Dry Bowser.

Friday the 11th – Pac Taunts

One of Pac-Man’s taunts will cycle some classic Namco character sprites.  Maybe it’s because I’m not a huge Pac-Fan but this kind of update falls flat for me.  Mondays and Fridays should really be the most exciting ones.

~|~ SPEAKING OF EXCITING ONES! ~|~  Tomorrow (Monday the 14th) at 10am EST, the official website will reveal a “new challenger”.  We don’t know if this is a true new challenger or a returning vet just yet.  The early guesses are Shulk of Xenoblade Chronicles or Chrom of Fire Emblem: Awakening.  If a returning vet, the smart money would be on Ness and/or Lucas and Captain Falcon.  The most interesting bit of news to arise from this is a quote:  “Looks like we’re nearing the bottom of the stash of new challenger videos that we’ve made…”  We’re nearing the end of character announcements, so there’s a chance that quite a few Brawl vets won’t be coming back (R.O.B., I’m looking at you).  We’ll bring coverage of the announcement tomorrow, along with thoughts on the character choice.

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