E3 2014 Trailer & Screenshots: Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley (Nintendo 3DS)

Harvest Moon fans rejoice, as a new 3DS title is on the way! Dubbed Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley, it promises the most freedom of any game in the franchise thus far as you work to bring all four seasons back to the valley. It’s also the first entry in the series to be fully three dimensional, as you can stack the soil on top of each other in order to create steps of sorts. The ability to play as a boy or a girl returns, as well as the option to marry one of the many characters you meet along the way.

The trailer is more than just a teaser and seems to show the various aspects of the gameplay at length. Check it out:

If you’re not in a position to watch video, the screenshots are in the gallery below. Harvest Moon: The Lost Valley releases this fall for the Nintendo 3DS.






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