E3 2014 Trailer: Xenoblade Chronicles X (Nintendo Wii U)

Remember when fans had to band together over the internet and beg to get some of the Nintendo Wii’s most coveted JRPG’s brought to the west? Oh, how far we’ve come. Not two years later, the sequel one of these games, Xenoblade Chronicles, is being featured in Nintendo’s main press conference. How cool is that? At any rate, the game formerly known as simply X has been given a new name: Xenoblade Chronicles X. There has been no word yet on the number of times the word Monado is utilized throughout the entirety of the game, but we do know that the main protagonist will be customizable as a male or female avatar. Very cool. Check out the trailer that debuted during the Nintendo conference:

Xenoblade Chronicles X will release in 2015 for the Nintendo Wii U.





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