What’s New This Month in Animal Crossing: New Leaf – May

Welcome, New Leaf fans. Since July, Diehard GameFAN has been compiling a list of things that you can do in each month in order to make sure you have all your peppy villagers in a row. Since it’s a new month, we’ve got a new list! Here are some of the things you can do in May.

First, some general tips:

  • Donate the first (new) bug/fish/deep-sea creature that you catch to the museum. Then you don’t have to worry about whether you’ve donated or not. Remember that donating items to the museum has definite perks. For instance, once you donate thirty bugs to the establishment, you’ll be able to purchase the silver net, which makes it easier to catch bugs. Once you’ve donated all bugs to the museum, you’ll be able to get the gold net, which makes it even easier. Similar benefits are available for fishers.
  • The rarer the specimen, the harder it is to catch that specimen. If you’re hunting bugs, hold A down and barely move your circle pad in the direction you want to go to sneak. Don’t rush up on beetles and the like, or else you’ll be sure to scare them away.
  • The more expensive creatures are great for stocking up on bells. Many people have been going to the island at night to fill up their boxes with beetles, returning to sell them for thousands of bells. It’s a pretty good strategy if you’re saving up for something or you have a mortgage to pay off… or if you just like sitting on oodles of bells, I suppose.

The official Animal Crossing: New Leaf website has only a few events listed for North America this month: Mother’s Day is on the 11th (you’ll get pink carnations in a letter from your mom) and the fishing tourney is on the 17th. Additionally, you’ll be able to find two snowballs a day in your town. Roll them around to various sizes to make snowmen and even a snow-family to get the Ski Series, Snowman Series, and Ice Series. Don’t forget, of course, that some of your residents may have May birthdays. Go to their house on that day to celebrate with them. If you bring a present, you might just get one in return in your mailbox the next day. Also be sure to check with Pelly for any special presents that you can download via Wifi.


There’s plenty to look for in the great outdoors. On the bug catching front, you have several new bugs to look for.

  • The diving beetle is an uncommon bug that can be found in rivers and ponds from 8am-5pm. They’re worth 800 bells.
  • Long locusts can be found wandering around the town on the ground from 8am-7pm. They’re fairly common and worth 200 bells.
  • Moths will easily be found flying around lights from 7pm-4am. They’re worth a measly 60 bells.
  • The pondskater is an uncommon bug worth 130 bells and is found in rivers and ponds from 8am-7pm.
  • Raja Brooke Butterflies fly near freshwater from 8am to 5-7pm depending on the month. They are rare and worth 2,500 bells.

If you haven’t caught the mole cricket yet, this is your last chance for a while, as the little critters won’t be available starting next month.


Are you more the fishing type? Here’s what you can look forward to starting in May:

  • The angelfish is a small, rare river fish worth 3,000 bells. It’s available for your capture from 4pm-9am.
  • Frogs are found in ponds all day. They’re common and sell for 120 bells each. Look for tiny shadows and listen for croaking.
  • The hammerhead shark is found in the ocean from 4pm-9am. It’s rare, has a huge shadow with a fin, and is worth about 8,000 bells.
  • Nibble fish can be found from 9am-4pm in the river. They’re worth about 1,500 bells and are rare. Look for small shadows to find one. 

If you haven’t caught a loach or oarfish by now, this month is the last month you can do so for a while.


Last but not least, we have diving. The sea urchin is the only new deep-sea creature. It can be sold for 800 bells, and has a small, very slowly-moving shadow. You’ll be able to find one all day. If you haven’t caught a turban shell by now, this month is the last month you can do so for a while.


Well, that’s all that I’ve been able to find for this month. Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share? Does your experience differ from what’s listed above? Did you find this helpful? Let us know in the comments, and happy Crossing!



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