Bandai Namco To Localize Tales of Hearts R In The West

While Bandai Namco has been more proactive with the Tales franchise over the last few years, the majority of its portable releases have been skipped over. Every DS and PSP entry has been untouched save for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology and Tales of Eternia (in Europe), though the 3DS release of Tales of the Abyss managed to make its way out of Japan. And it would seem that that is just the beginning. In a recent video conducted by Tales series Produce Hideo Baba, it is confirmed that Tales of Hearts R for PlayStation Vita will be releasing in North America and in Europe. You can see the video here:

It’s great to hear that publishers of niche games are beginning to embrace the Vita as a viable platform in the west, especially a series with the kind of following that Tales has. Who knows, if sales are spectacular enough, we may also see Tales of Innocence R. The game seems to be a GameStop exclusive at the moment, at least in North America, and the only known date is a placeholder of December 31st, 2014. Bandai Namco have not announced an official release date for Tales of Hearts R at this time.





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