Unboxing of The Witch and the Hundred Knight Limited Edition

What did you think I’d ever run out of things to unbox. Well actually, I did. Like, just now. This is the last one for awhile. Until next month at least!

Anyways, next on the docket is The Witch and the Hundred Knight Limited Edition. This set is no longer available now, but it’s an NISA store exclusive which debuted at a $74.99 price point (as opposed to the $49.99 of the standard edition). In addition to the standard set, the package comes bundled with a mini figurine which I lined up with the still wrapped game so you can see exactly what you’d expect once the package arrived:

Here are all sides of the box. I took the plastic wrapping off about halfway through since it made it difficult to see.

Let’s spill the contents all over the floor together, shall we? I put the figurine back in the picture too because reasons.

As long as we’re on the topic of the figurine, let’s take a closer look at it. I got pictures of all sides of the box here as well (but I didn’t open because… well, because I didn’t feel like it).

Keep in mind this item is a choking hazard for anyone under… fifteen?!? Are you kids still putting things like this into your mouth at that age? Good grief.

The included art book is a hardcover if you couldn’t tell from any of the prior photos.

Here’s the back.

I actually like the art style. Reminds me a lot of the Soul Eater anime.

Next up is the soundtrack, which is handily encased in a jewel case for added protection, which is a step up from the cardboard sleeve that you got if you simply pre-ordered the standard edition.

I like the black and white contrast that they have going here.

Here’s the actual game, which most of you are probably familiar with already.

I love the reversible cover art!

Here’s the size comparison as I like to do. I was going to show what it looked like compared to a dachshund/corgi mix, but he was too busy maiming a stuffed rabbit to sit still.

Overall, it’s a really nice set with the standard items that I’ve come to expect from a collector’s edition. I’m not particularly a fan of the open box design though, as it’s too easy for items to slip out on accident. I’d also have liked to have a place within the box for the mini figure to slip into. Regardless, it’s still a worthwhile purchase for collectors. If you haven’t already, check out Ashe’s review for The Witch and the Hundred Knight. Otherwise, until next time!



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