Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 2/28 (Diddy, Waluigi, Dedenne)

Monday:  Diddy Jets Around

As usual, with a new character announcement comes multiple days of shots of said character.  Diddy’s Rocketbarrel returns as his Up B recovery, and an effective attack when well placed.  Diddy will have more horizontal movement this time around, but it stands to be seen if that just means wider arcs or if he can actually turn sideways while the Rocketbarrel charges and fire himself off like a missile.

Tuesday:  Stage Differences

As we’ve seen previously, the boxing ring stage changes – one thing we now know is that it’s not necessarily Little Mac dependent.  My guess is it’s like Mushroom-y Kingdom in that it’s a bit of a coin flip or possibly a button input at stage selection.  Interesting, but not exactly game changing.

Wednesday:  Finishing Moves?

You can see my initial thoughts on these “semi auto” finishing moves here.  The main question is what does “finishing move” really mean?  It could be just a move that ends a combo (IE Mario’s neutral A combination) or a legit finish move which can range from some characters’ tilts up to smashes, or if you’re Ganondorf, your jab.

Thursday:  Waaaaaaaa!


Waluigi’s presence as a returning Assist Trophy is confirmed.  He’s carrying his tennis racket, so it’s safe to assume he’ll function mostly the same – stomping enemies both in the air and on the ground, then racketing them away.  I know this one broke a few hearts, because with no text or context, one could assume he was added in as playable – the character model looks great.


Friday:  Wild Dedenne Appears!


Okay, it’s not wild… it’s in a Pokeball.  But hey, it’s a new Pokeball!  The image makes me assume Dedenne is using Discharge, as we see the electricity flowing around it in a cross pattern.  It’ll stand to see if it’s able to pull opponents in and trap them, similar to Zapdos in previous games.



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