Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Semi Auto Finishers

Today’s Super Smash Bros update is an interesting one.  Sakurai tells us that “consecutive standard attacks will always transition into a finishing move.”  As usual this is a tad vague, as nothing in Smash is classed as a “finisher”.

This more than likely means one of two things:  All standard A combos now end in a harder attack (akin to Snake, Ike or Mario) or after a cycle or two of the “rapid” attacks (Fox’s kicks, Link’s stabs), continuing to tap or hold A will transition into something like a forward tilt.  The accompanying picture doesn’t really help specify which way the new mechanic leans.  If it’s as simple as holding A like in Brawl to transition through your ground combo into a viable kill attack, this is the kind of casual lean that the vocal/competitive fans are fearful of.  No reason to pass judgment until we can see it in motion, though.





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