Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 2/14 (Little Mac)

Monday:  Lazy Dog Day

A Nintendog lays on the floor and watches TV.  They can’t all be winners.  Knowing a game like this, I’m sure once we’re in game and can zoom in, we’ll see some fun references playing for the puppies’ entertainment as we fight in the foreground.

Tuesday:  Lucario’s Double Team

Confirmation that Lucario’s moveset is going to remain pretty similar to his Brawl incarnation.  Double Team returns as a counter move (hopefully still with the ability to choose the direction one attacks from) with a great visual effect attached.  We also get confirmation that Shield Breaker is still Brawl’s stab instead of Melee’s arcing slash.

Wednesday:  Going…going…gone

The classic one hit KO Homerun Bat makes its return in Super Smash For… with a significantly different look this time around.  Instead of a wooden slugger, we get a black bat with the Smash Bros logo at the end.  The effect of the impact on DK is pleasantly reminiscent of Street Fighter IV‘s visual style.  If there’s one thing you can count on in Super Smash Bros, it’s a visual flair.

Thursday & Friday:  Newcomer Approaching – Little Mac

You can read my initial thoughts from Little Mac’s announcement here.  We know that the Power Meter will be tied to Mac’s Neutral-B KO Punch.  What that move looks like when it’s not fully charged stands to be proven, as does the real mechanics under the hood of the meter.  It could be just some visual flair to a DK Punch style move, it could be tied to damaged dealt and/or received.  We’ll find out more as the days go on.  What we do know is Mac is a bit limited in the air – My guess is that translates to him having large or slow attacks in the air, as opposed to quick strikes we see out of other characters.  His Up-B sounds to be a less than stellar recovery move, so Mac players will need to be mindful of staying grounded as much as possible.

Along with Rosalina, Mac is introducing fun new mechanics to Smash and ultimately that’s good for everyone.  Each big new reveal has seemed to excite folks thus far.  Do you have a favorite reveal?  Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @sbfantom.



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