Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS – Week in Review 2/7 (Mother Brain)

Monday:  Super Size Aura Sphere

Sakurai told us that the damage-affected Aura boost would be more substantial this time around, and Lucario’s Aura Sphere shows us as much.  At little to no charge, the Aura Sphere is roughly half the size of Lucario itself.  At full boost, it becomes larger than Lucario’s body – bordering on the Aura Bomb from Project:M.  Once folks can put hands on this game, we’ll stand to discover how much of a difference this makes as far as damage and knockback.  This opens up a real opportunity in team play to risk damaging your own partner in order to allow him to knock stocks off your opponent quickly.  Risk/Reward is fun!

Tuesday:  Extremespeed

Keeping up with the theme of “once we release a character, we inundate you with them”, Tuesday’s update showcases a different Lucario special move – Extremespeed.  Returning from Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lucario recovers in a highly controllable fashion.  This time around, however, your flight distance will be affected by Aura.  We haven’t gotten an example of distances just yet, but more importantly, I’m curious if the move will have a hitbox this time around.  In Brawl, the extremely controllable nature of the move was offset by a lack of a hit like most other Up B recovery moves have.  I’m also interested to see if a non-boosted Extremespeed will have a wildly small distance.  Given, you typically don’t have to recover at very low damage, but we don’t know anything about numbers as far as boost levels just yet.

Wednesday:  Go, Palkia!

It’s a very Pokemon week thus far, possibly correlated with the rollout of Pokemon Bank to the various regions.  Palkia returns, not as a stage hazard, but as an option in the Pokeball item.  I’d much prefer to see a load of legends and strong Pokemon this time around, as opposed to Brawl having a load of borderline useless possibilities.  A handful of these (accented by the dreaded Magikarp) would be fine, but the focus should be on the powerful monsters this time around.  Palkia is pictured using its signature attack, Spacial Rend.  All we get is a vertical pink line, so it’s all guesses on whether this is as simple as a strict attack or something as wonky as making a portal you hop through.  Speculate on, friends.

Thursday: A Galaxy in her Gown

Okay, kind of a nothing update.  Rosalina’s up aerial attack is featured again, showcasing some great graphic effects.  Perhaps the galaxy effect at the end will linger as a hit box or something interesting like that?

Friday:  Brains…Mother Brain

A new Assist Trophy, Mother Brain, appears.  Samus is shown getting blasted by a huge laser beam attack while Mario coyly hides behind Mother Brain’s base.  The Metroid series boss is significantly larger than any other Assist Trophy so far, and something tells me that her attack’s strength will match.



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