Ace Attorney 123: Wright Selection Japanese Limited Edition Box Art Revealed

Phoenix Wright 123The official Japanese site for the Wright Selection has been updated, giving us the box art for the limited edition, as well as a voice cast and summary for the audio drama included with said LE.

The cast is as follows:

Phoenix Wright: Takayuki Kondo (近藤孝行)
Miles Edgeworth: Eiji Takemoto (竹本英史)
Maya Fey: Satomi Hanamura (花村怜美)
Mia Fey: Sayaka Oohara (大原さやか)
Franziska von Karma: Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城みゆき)
Godot: Rikiya Koyama (小山力也)
Dick Gumshoe: Kouji Ishii (石井康嗣)
Miu Usagi (宇鷺ミウ): Suzuko Mimori 三森すずこ
Shishio Raionji (来恩寺シシオ): Yuuichi Nakamura (中村悠一)

The latter two are original characters.

The audio’s plot is as follows: one day, Edgeworth arrives at the Wright Law Offices with Miu in tow, seeking to hire Phoenix.  The two rivals find themselves working together for Miu’s sake, even as their investigation threatens to bring them into contact with Shishio, heir to a famous yakuza family.

Source: Court-Records





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