Unboxing of Bravely Default: Collector’s Edition

The last time I did one of these was for the original release of Final Fantasy XIV, and while they did eventually fix that game, the quality of the title at the time was incredibly weak, which made the fact that I had spent all of that money on that collector’s edition incredibly disheartening. Well, here we are again with the collector’s edition of Bravely Default, though I have far more faith that the game I’m getting will actually be good.

Enough about that, though; you just want to see the goods, am I right? It’s a wonder we got such an elaborate set at all considering how long it took for the game to get localized. It may be a bit tough to find now, but if you manage to track one down, the MSRP is about $55. So what does the extra $15 get you? Read on.

First of all, the box is massive. Probably the biggest one I’ve seen for a 3DS game; larger than both Shin Megami Tensei IV and Kingdom Hearts 3D.

I took the game out of the box so you can see just how it compares in size to the regular edition.

Now that we’re done marveling at the box, let’s open that sucker up and see what’s inside, shall we? The right side of the box has a rounded piece of tape that, when removed, allows you to pull out the flap and spread open the box like a book. The left hand side houses the game and the AR cards, while the right side has the CD soundtrack (and in a nice jewel case!) with the artbook tucked away just behind it.

The artbook is one of those elongated ones, similar to the pre-order bonus for Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s not hardcover or anything, but it is full color and gives some nice insights into the various character and world designs.

The soundtrack is nice as well, even if it’s not the full setlist for the game (at least, I’m assuming it’s not with only ten songs). The cover design is nice, as is the artwork on the disc. The tracks are listed out on the backside as well.

That little deck on the left side you saw before? Those aren’t your traditional playing cards. No, they are a set of thirty four AR cards to be used in conjunction with the 3DS camera, though I have no idea if they have any application in terms of actual gameplay.

And there you have it. If you haven’t yet, I strongly encourage you to check out our thoughts on the demo. Hopefully, that will whet your appetite until the full review. Thanks again for checking out yet another installment of things I take pictures of that I spend way too much money on!



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