Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS – Week in Review for 1/24

Monday:  New Spaces

Mario finds himself in a new green stage/area on the 3DS.  Sakurai is quick to point out that there is “no story mode like Subspace Emissary,” so we may be looking at some part of Classic or Adventure mode, ala SSB Melee, or possibly some entirely new single player component.  Single Player will need to be engaging on the 3DS version especially, as players won’t always have access to WiFi to hop online, or a group of players available locally, when they’re on the go.

Tuesday:  Luma Shot

The Rosalina mechanics keep slowly feeding out to us.  Here we see that Luma can be shot away, likely as a projectile, or brought in close to fight with Rosalina.  How much control you have over the little Star when it’s in an “away” state will stand to be seen, but I’m enjoying getting a mechanic update on a weekly basis.  One thing to note is that in Rosalina’s reveal trailer, we saw Luma appear to be “summoned” to her and smack away Donkey Kong while he had her in his cargo hold.  Typically, this is a state where all you can do is try to wiggle out.  Perhaps even in a “prone” state, Rosalina has the ability to do this; we’ll likely find out more soon enough.

Wednesday:  The Ledgegrab

So, this is a big one.  The mechanic of the ledgegrab changes significantly.  Your current damage and your air time will determine how long you can hog the ledge.  My guess is the longer you’re in the air and the lower your damage, the more ledgetime you get.  The idea of “trumping” your opponents grab because they’ve been on for too long or poorly estimated their ledgetime given the air/damage numbers is a pretty substantial change to the way Smash is played.  It also will change strategies for characters like Metaknight that could basically hold a ledge indefinitely in Brawl. I welcome changes that don’t involve my character randomly tripping, but I really want to see this one in action before passing any real judgment.

Thursday:  Viridi’s New Stage

It’s ladies’ night on the 3DS – Zelda and Rosalina do battle while Viridi, Kid Icarus’ Goddess of Nature, causes chaos in the background.  The new stage appears to be on top of a castle, but it’ll stand to be seen whether this is another “platform takes a tour” type of stage, or if this one will be a bit more static with a focus on Viridi (or other deities) throwing hazards our way.

Friday:  Conductor Link Takes a Break

For a short time, there was question on what would happen with Toon Link when he was selected as a character on the Spirit Tracks stage on 3DS.  Today shows us what happens – Alfonzo takes over the controls, similar to what was seen with Tron Bonne in Marvel vs Capcom 3.  Pretty simple change to handle it, and a nice attention to detail.



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