Monster Hunter 4G and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate announced!

Capcom made two huge announcements regarding the Monster Hunter franchise over the weekend, one of which shouldn’t be terribly surprising to anyone, while the other was the announcement a lot of franchise fans have been waiting for patiently (and less so) for quite a while.

The first major announcement was that of Monster Hunter 4G for the 3DS in Japan. While this was honestly expected to be coming sooner or later, as Capcom regularly releases “G” versions of the Monster Hunter titles with added content once the initial games have been out for a while, it’s always a good sign for fans that more content is coming. Outside of a new desert zone showed off at the end of the trailer, not much was shown off in the teaser that was new, but feel free to take a look for yourself:

The other big announcement popped up on the Capcom Unity Youtube page not long after the Monster Hunter 4G announcement, as series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto opted to let western fans know that Monster Hunter 4G wasn’t the only franchise title Capcom was working on:

If you’re lazy and didn’t feel like watching the video, MONSTER HUNTER 4 ULTIMATE IN 2015! WOO!

By all indications, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be a straight western port of Monster Hunter 4G, complete with online multiplayer (FINALLY) on the 3DS in addition to local ad-hoc play. It’s assumed to carry over all of the features and monsters of Monster Hunter 4, as well as all of the functional additions to the franchise that game made. It’ll be interesting to see what new additions are announced for the game as it gets closer to release, as well as whether Nintendo or Capcom will make an effort to bring the 3DSXL Circle Pad Pro stateside for the game’s western launch.

(Thanks to Crystal for the heads up.)






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