Super Smash Bros 2014 News – Week in Review 1/17

Monday:  Dedede Drops the Hammer

It’s always a little deflating when the start of the week is a relatively boring update.  Dedede’s massive forward smash remains the same as in Brawl.  Expect lots more Dedede shots, as Sakurai loves his penguin.

Tuesday:  Rosalina and Luma’s Differences

So more and more detail on Rosalina and Luma is coming to light.  In the introductory trailer, we saw Rosalina summon Luma to her while in Donkey Kong’s cargo hold and Luma threw a Ganondorf-like backfist.  Today we find out that Luma and Rosalina will have (at least some) significantly different attacks.  What you’re seeing here is the Up-Tilt attack of both characters.  Twice as many attack properties to remember,  but Luma’s could be designed to capitalize on Rosalina’s and vice versa.  I’m extremely keen to see Rosalina in motion in the hands of a skilled player.

Wednesday:  …It’s Aaaa-shley!

Ashley would appear to be an assist trophy.  And that’s all we know.  My guess would be she either casts a random spell or her little demon buddy pulls some shenanigans.

Thursday:  Size Comparison

Mario as compared to the big three – Dedede, DK and Bowser.  Yep, the big characters are big.

Friday:  KO’d Dedede

Like we all figured, we’re going to get a bunch of Dedede pics that involve random stuff.  Here, he’s likely to have had his shield broken, so he’s in a vulnerable state.

Bonus Character Discussion:  Megaman

Megaman is in Smash.  It took them four games, but an honest to God NES mainstay is finally in our beloved Smash.  They have absolutely stayed true to his many main series games with the move choice, as well.  Everything from his visual style to his accompanying sound effects scream that this is fan service at its finest.  Almost every attack from his jab to his up and down smashes are homages to one of his iconic Robot Master powers.  Mega’s standing and tilt attacks are all iconic motions, including his famous slide.  As we get into the aerials and smashes, we start seeing familiar electric and flame attacks, as well as the Hard Knuckle as a Meteor Spike.  That flaming down smash in particular is incredibly potent – In an off screen fight against Mario, we’ve seen it hit multiple times and deal wild damage, similar to Peach’s down smash.

On the special attack side of things, we get some of the most familiar Mega Man items around – Metal Blade, Leaf Shield, Crash Bomb and Rush.  Metal Blade is a strong projectile, as it’s been seen to deal 14% damage on a hit.  It can be thrown in 8 directions but has “item” properties in that once stuck in the stage it can be picked up by someone else and tossed back at Mega.  Interesting to see how that plays into strategy.  Crash Bomb is essentially a Gooey Bomb that Megaman can fire at will, so expect him to fire and dodge/camp you to avoid getting hit himself.  Rush, as far as we’ve seen, boils down to the same as Sonic’s Spring Up B recovery move, but we don’t know if Rush will fall onto opponents or how else he can be used in an offensive fashion.  Leaf Shield will provide some modicum of defense, but I haven’t been able to pick up exactly how it works or what kind of damage it can take before it’s gone or before you throw it.

Mega is probably going to aim to stay mid range on most opponents, poking away with pellet shots and Metal Blades before he goes in for a kill or a Hard Knuckle edge guard.  In four player scrums he’s likely to be a popular choice to hang by the edge of the stage and pepper opponents with projectiles.  We’ll all get to enjoy doing this to our friends later this year.






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