3DS Ace Attorney Trilogy Collection Announced

Capcom has announced that the first three Ace Attorney games will be bundled together and rereleased as a collection on the 3DS. While these do not seem to be full remakes, there will be a 3D effect. Tatsurou Iwamoto, who drew designs for the first three games, will also draw the boxart for the collection. An English-language option will be available, as there was in the Japanese DS versions. That would be good news for anyone with a Japanese 3DS, but region locks mean that anyone else is out of luck unless there’s an official release or they import. Those who preorder will receive bonus digital artwork downloads and an arranged OST.

In addition, there will also be a new audio drama CD with Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Godot.

The collection will be released on April 17 in Japan for 3,990 yen. In addition to the three DS games, the trilogy was also released on Wiiware and iOS.





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