MonkeyPaw Games To Add Six More PSOne Classics to PlayStation Network

MonkeyPaw Games have kept mostly quiet following the release of Class of Heroes II, hinting that they had projects in the works, but never revealing what they were. Now that the new year has begun, they have finally shown their hand, revealing it to be a “retro rush” of several PSOne Classics that will be added to the PlayStation Network service on a weekly basis culminating in the long awaited North American rerelease of Tomba! 2 (which if you’ve seen the eBay prices lately, this is kind of a big deal). Check out the reveal trailer:

The games will include:

Week 1 – Double Dragon
Week 2 – Lucifer Ring
Week 3 – The Firemen 2
Week 4 – Hyper Crazy Climber
Week 5 – Wolf Fang
Week 6 – Tomba! 2

Which ones will you be picking up?






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