Killer Instinct Update Notes: New Free Character, Gameplay Tweaks, Store Fixes


Killer Instinct, the reboot of the classic Rare fighting game, has released an update for Xbox One.

In the update, the free to use character is shifted from Jago, who launched as the free character, to Sabrewulf.

Killer Instinct introduces a new style of game payment, where the demo provides a full version of the game featuring only one character. The other characters are then $4.99 each as paid DLC. The game also offers $19.99 and $39.99 packages for groups of content together.

This is the full list of chanages in the new patch, direct from developers Double Helix:

ROTATING FREE CHARACTER: – Character rotation has been added. Sabrewulf is the new free character, replacing Jago.


FULL CONTROLLER SUPPORT – Players will now have access to play regardless of what USB port they plug into.

SAVE DATA FIXES- Sign-in changes via KINECT will no longer erase save-data
TOASTS OPTION AVAILABLE- Players will be able to disable toasts from the option menu (under display options)


* NOTE: Players who have accomplished these tasks prior to launch will now be awarded retroactively

*NOTE: If you have completed all the tasks required to unlock the costume, the TRAINING ICON will retroactively be unlocked.

***IN-GAME Updates***

Character Select option added to the pause screen of local versus
Command List corrected and updated
Game will now pause when the controller for player 2 is removed
Accessory menu screens updated and patched
Added access to the MELD from the pause screen
Replays library will be cleared since executable has been updated to a new version number
Jago’s equipped accessories now display properly while in dojo mode.


VIEWABLE LEADERBOARDS- Privilege check has been moved into the Xbox Live menu so non-gold members can view leaderboards
PARTY INVITES FIXES- General fixes have been implemented to ensure the proper user-flow for people wanting to play exhibition matches with friends.
RANK-UP/RANK-DOWN DISPLAY- RANK events (Rank-up/Rank-down), display notifications to both players prior to the start of the match.
RANK MATCH UPDATES- The rank point distribution method has been updated. Please see the chart below for the updated system.




INSTINCT MODE SHADOW COMBOS NOW BREAKABLE- There were several instances where SHADOW MOVES we’re un-breakable after performing an instinct.-mode cancel With the current fix, SHADOW MOVES will be fully intractable after an instinct-mode cancel.
UNBLOCKABLE FIX- Players can now adjust block height during instinct mode activation.
COMBO ENDER FIX – There were several instances where certain moves labeled as “ENDERS” where unbreakable .


JAGO- Jago’s Endokuken is now classified as an OPENER, when used in the beginning of combos.
SABREWULF- Shadow Eclipse now scales properly if used as an OPENER, LEVEL-3 eclipse ENDER has been corrected to hit the opponent after performing a JUMPING SLASH
ORCHID- Category correction for the first (2) hits of ICHI NI SAN, Damage scaling correction on UPPER FIRECAT
GLACIUS – Shadow Hail will now have the same hit properties as an OPENER.
SADIRA- HP /Shadow version of Widow’s bite is now categorized as OPENER.





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