Diehard GameFAN Presents: Saints Row IV Livestream, 8/14/13 -SPOILERS-

As I mentioned back when I took a spin in a preview build of the game, we’ve been keeping a close eye on Saints Row IV over the past month, and Deep Silver was kind enough to provide us with a review copy of the game to fool around with to get a review done in advance of the game’s release on August 20th. We’ve been mostly tight lipped on the overall whole of the experience (though believe me, it’s awesome), but as the embargo date is coming closer, I wanted to announce the following three points for general reference:

1.) Assuming that the heat death of the universe has been timed out appropriately and I don’t fall down a flight of stairs between now and then, expect to see a review of Saints Row IV live on Diehard GameFAN tomorrow, August 14th, at 9AM EST or somewhere in that general vicinity that should tell you if you want to buy the game or not (hint: you probably do),

2.) I will be running a special Livestream of the first couple hours of the game over at my Livestream page for those who want to see a few hours live in anticipation of the game to whet their appetites, which will start at 7PM EST, and

3.) The PR rep for Deep Silver, who will affectionately be referred to here as “Donut Jockey” has apparently informed us that if we fail to incorporate certain phrases into our review, we will suffer her wrath, to which I say, “Challenge Accepted.”

So, as you can see, clearly Deep Silver was the best possible company to land the Saints Row franchise.

(In fairness, she also drew us a very nice ASCII picture of a middle finger, so I feel obligated to try.)

Anyway, check back here tomorrow at 9AM EST for our review of Saints Row IV, then check in at 7PM EST at the above linked Livestream for a few hours of gameplay, complete with my possibly entertaining commentary. Please do not be afraid of the regulars, they don’t bite.




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