E3 2013 Impressions: Monster High 13 Wishes and Barbie Dreamhouse Party (Nintendo DS/3DS/Wii/Wii U)

I know I’m not the intended demographic for Monster High or Barbie (though some may beg to differ on that point), it stands to reason that a video game adaption of anything would be right up my alley so long as the proper mechanics are there. And with the current drought of worthwhile Wii U titles, it’s certainly the right time to take a chance on a platformer title.

Monster High 13 Wishes ties into the movie of the same name and allows you to take control of your favorite characters navigating a full 3D environment. The game takes you on a journey through a magic lamp that consists of twelve individual stages. Each character has different skills at their disposal, called Freaky Flaws, comprised of such things as pulling off their hand and using it to explore areas they wouldn’t normally have access to. Multiple difficulty settings ensure players of all ages should be able to find a reasonable challenge, and Little Orbit has confirmed that each version of the game would be the same (though the Wii U version in particular looks rather sharp).

Meanwhile, Barbie Dreamhouse Party finds Barbie and friends accidentally switching on the robotic house butler, Closet, into party game mode and chaos ensues. Through the playing of various mini-games setup by the butler, you’ll be able to switch Closet back into normal mode and all will be well in the world. The title will be structured like a mini-game collection that tasks you with dancing, fashion, pet grooming, and accessorizing. You can select to play as a number of characters featured in the tie-in film. Much like Monster High, the various versions will be functionally identical (so no Wii U exclusive games) and is limited to four players, though certainly things can change from now until then.

Monster High 13 Wishes will release October 3, 2013 while Barbie Dreamhouse Party comes out in November 2013 for DS, 3DS, Wii, and Wii U.


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