E3 2013 Impressions: Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (Sony PlayStation 3)

Of all of the Disgaea games that have come out over the years, Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness is the one that I’m anticipating the most. While all of the games that have come out since the original have improved upon the mechanics, the first Disgaea is still home to one of my favorite plots of the bunch. Since D2 brings back the exploits of Laharl, as well as introduces a number of new characters and mechanics, this could be one of the best releases the series has seen yet.

As mentioned, Laharl, Etna, and Flonne all make a return. Laharl is the current Overlord, as was his goal in the original game, though a new faction forms in the Netherworld that opposes his rule. Along the way we are also introduced to Laharl’s sister, Sicily (a new character in the series), as well as Laharl’s awkward transformation into a female (yes, you heard that correctly). Despite the implied humor, the overall plot will be more lighthearted in nature than the others. If the game is written half as well as the original, it should be really great.

New in Disgaea D2 is a master/pupil system that replaces the magichange system from earlier games. As I understand it, you can take any two characters and choose one to be the master and the other to be the pupil. Both characters will share statistical benefits as well as have access to new skills. In addition, characters can leap onto each others’ shoulders and perform special attacks that last several seconds and pile on the damage. Customization has been given an overhaul this time around, and both Item World and geo panels will be making a return. So if you were looking for an excuse to build characters thousands of levels high, D2 has you covered.

On a visual level, it appears that Disgaea D2 will be using the high resolution sprites that were featured in the last two PS3 entries, along with full English voiceovers. Plus, characters from other games will make an appearance with some being available as DLC after the game releases (including upcoming The Guided Fate Paradox). There was no confirmation of a special edition set just yet, but given that the last title received one, I wouldn’t rule it out. You’ll be able to check out Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness this fall 2013 for the PlayStation 3.



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