Magic: The Gathering Preview: Dragon’s Maze Multicolored/Gold Cards

Good morning and welcome to our final preview for Magic: The Gathering‘s newest set – Dragon’s Maze. Of course, the set comes out tomorrow, so this has to be our last preview! Today, we’re looking at six Gold cards from the set. Dragon’s Maze has a plethora of multicolored cards in it and so we’d be remiss not to look at some of those in this series of previews. In fact, it has the most out of any set in recent memory. I do find that the best multicolored cards in the set are Black/White or Green/White and we’ll be looking at two each of those along with a Red/Blue and a Black/Green. Without further adieu, let’s wrap up these previews and look at some cards!


Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts

I’m very partial to Black and White decks, as my first real tourney winner was a Pestilence/White Knight deck back in the days of Alpha/Beta/etc. So to see a B/W Gold card as awesome as Teysa makes me wish this existed back then. Teysa is a 4/4 creature with Vigilance AND Protection from creatures, which alone makes her worth the 5UB mana cost to summon her. However, she has a truly awesome special ability that makes her almost TOO powerful. Whenever a creature does combat damage to you, the player, that creature is destroyed and you gain a 1/1 White/Black spirit token for your army. My God, how can you not make use of Teysa or even form multiple decks around her. You really only have to watch for things like direct damage to her, or cards like Terror or Swords to Plowshares. Otherwise she makes your army nigh unstoppable. I love her.

Debt to the Deathless

This is my other favorite Black/White Gold card from Dragon’s Maze. The cost is XWWBB, which may sound exorbitant, but look what it does! Each opponent loses 2X life. So if you spend four mana, they lose eight life! You, the caster then gain life equal to that your opponent lost. So you’d gain eight life in this instance. WOW! That’s powerful. In the late game, you should be able to completely turn the tide if not outright eradicate your enemy with this card. Even better, in a multiplayer game, every opposing caster loses 2X life from the casting of this spell. So imagine how high your health count will be there! Just an awesome spell in all regards. Find a place for this – pronto!

Voice of Resurgence

This is a fun cheap Green/White multicolored card that will quickly find a home in any heavy creature based deck. Voice of Resurgence costs a measly WG and gives you a 2/2 vanilla creature. However, whenever an opponent casts a spell on your turn (Hello Counterspell oriented decks!) or when VoR dies, you gain a token whose power and toughness is equal to the number of creatures you control. So if you have five creatures when you earn one of these tokens, this becomes a 6/6 creature (because the token would the sixth creature under your control you see). Imagine how easy it is to get several of these tokens out and how powerful they can become. Nice!

Trostani’s Summoner

This is just a plain weird card and I still can’t decide if I love it or not. Now, the Summoner is a mere 1/1 creature and for 5GW, that is a truly insane cost no one would pay. At least, they wouldn’t until they read her card text. For seven mana, not only do you get a 1/1 creature, but you get a 2/2 White Knight with Vigilance, a 3/3 Green Centaur and a 4/4 Green Rhino with Trample; all tokens, but all quite nice. Four creatures for seven mana? Wow, that’s a good deal, especially as two of the four creatures have special abilities in their own right. Imagine sending this card to your graveyard and recycling it. SO MANY TOKENS!

Nivix Cyclops

This is a fun cheap Red/Blue card. It only costs 1BR and it gives you a 1/4 creature with the Defender restriction. However, whenever the owner of the Nivix Cyclops casts an instant or sorcery spell, it gains +3/+0 until the end of the turn and it can attack freely. Note that the text says nothing about a limit on this, so the Nivix Cyclops isn’t stuck at 4/4. It could become a 7/4, a 10/4 or ever higher! You just need enough spells to pump it up. I can see this little guy become a much feared threat in casual play. Tournament play however…well, we’ll have to see what decks are made with this first.

Deadbridge Chant

The last card we are looking at from this set is a Black/Green one. It’s quite expensive at 4BG, but it’s well worth the cost and then some. Once this Enchantment is played, you take the top ten cards from your library and put them into your graveyard. Then, on every upkeep, you draw a random card from your graveyard in addition to your usual draw. If the graveyard card is a creature, it goes onto the battlefield without having to pay the mana cost. All other cards go into your hand. How is that not amazing? From the second this goes live until the game ends or the Enchantment goes away, you are drawing two cards a turn AND getting free creatures. Over and over this goes meaning that no card is ever truly lost. I can’t empathize enough how potentially powerful this card can be. Expect to see a lot of B/G decks just from the existence of this card alone and expect to see already existing ones slip this in somewhere. It’s that amazing.

…and there you go! Six fun Gold cards from the new Dragon’s Maze set. By the time this article goes live, the set will be ready to go live in under twenty-four, so perhaps you’ve pulled some of these already and are currently finding ways to use them. Thanks for joining us with these Dragon’s Maze card previews and we’ll see you again with the next Magic: The Gathering set.



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