Magic: The Gathering Preview: Dragon’s Maze Red and Green Cards

Welcome to the first of four previews we’ll be doing for the latest Magic: The Gathering set: Dragon’s Maze. The set will be released on May 3rd and each day we’ll look at three cards from two of the possible colors. “But Alex,” you might be saying, “There are only five colors in Magic!” That’s right. Today we’ll look at Red and Green, tomorrow at White and Blue, Weds will be Black and the new “Split” cards and Thursday we’ll look at Gold cards. I’m not highlighting what is necessarily the best in each set; simply three cards of each color that I find interesting or worth discussing. Ready? Let’s begin.


Awe For the Guilds

Our first Red card is a Sorcery that really needs to be in any deck with a heavy emphasis on Gold cards. It costs 2R and prevents all monochromatic color cards from blocking this turn. As the vast majority of all creature cards are of a single color, this card can turn the tide or outright destroy your opponent as long as they can’t counter it. It’s best paired with gold heavy decks and it’s one of the few things that can make the Gruul Siege premade deck somewhat playable. This is definitely a powerful card for a low cost. They key is finding the perfect deck to use it with.



Maze Rusher

This creature is another card that should be in any Gold heavy deck. For 5R you get a 6/3 terror with Haste. Better yet, it gives all multicolored cards Haste as well. That’s an incredible deal for the price. It is a bit pricey outside of a gold deck but six mana for a 6/3 Haste creature is still nothing to sneeze at. I also love the artwork here.


Weapon Surge

What a great Instant! Weapon Surge costs a measly R, meaning it can fit easily into just about any deck that used Red. It gives a creature +1/+0 and First Strike until the end of the turn, which is a great deal for the cost, It gets even better when you realize it has Overload. For only 1R, Weapon Surge gives ALL your creatures +1/+0 and First Strike. Holy crap, what a deal! This is a wonderful card to use offensively OR defensively and ensures your creatures with low toughness can still take out an enemy and survive combat. Just a really fun versatile card here.




Mending Touch

This is a nice, straightforward Instant that reminded me of the Fourth Edition or older days. Mending Touch costs a single Green mana and lets you Regenerate a target creature. Cheap healing can always find its way into a playable deck. A tournament winning deck, maybe not, but if you can’t find a use for Mending TouchL just by looking at it, then I don’t know what to tell you.




Another straightforward fun card. For only 1G, this Sorcery gives a creature +5/+5 until the end of the turn. Not as good as two Giant Growths, but it takes up less room in your deck. Oddly enough, the text and image for the card makes it sound like it should be for the Phytohydra creature instead. Two mana to give your creature +5/+5 is nothing to sneeze about, and is worth considering for any creature heavy deck that likes to pump up creatures.



Maze Behemoth

This is one of my favorite cards in the set for a lot of reasons. For 5G, you get a 5/4 creature with Trample. It ALSO gives all multicolored creatures Trample as well. Since Dragon’s Maze is the most Gold heavy set I’ve seen since Legends, you should be able to get a LOT of use out of the Behemoth, especially in a sealed environment. I also really love the artwork on this card and Yeong-Hao Han is quickly becoming one of my favorite Magic: The Gathering artists.


So there you go: three fun cards from both the Red and Green suites of Dragon’s Mage. Feel free to leave ideas in the comments section for how you would use these guys. We’ll be back tomorrow with a look at some White and Blue cards. See you then!



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3 responses to “Magic: The Gathering Preview: Dragon’s Maze Red and Green Cards”

  1. Aaron Sirois Avatar

    If that Maze Rusher has trample, I’d be happy, but a 6/3 with haste does nothing for me. I’ll take Ball Lightning over that any day.

    1. Alexander Lucard Avatar

      Ball lightning is great, but Maze Rusher gives all your Gold cards Haste as well, and as Dragon’s Maze has an insane amount of gold cards, it’s worth considering, especially in the premade decks or in seal deck tournies.
      Do a Red/Green/Gold deck with Maze Rusher and Maze Behemoth and you have some insane combos going on.

      1. Aaron Sirois Avatar

        Combining them definitely works for me. I just don’t like that it only has three defense. Although holding onto a copy of that Weapon Surge solves that problem. I think I love that card. Might need to find me four copies to slip into my goblin deck.

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