Kaijudo: Dragonstrike Infernus Preview: Bottle of Wishes

Dragonstrike Infernus, the new sixty card set for Kaijudo, is set to hit stores on March 15th. This new set is designed to show off huge and powerful dragons for all of the colors. However, that’s not all this new set is going to offer. Check out this exclusive preview for a new spell from the set.

Bottle of Wishes is a card with plenty of potential. For the cost of five, you can shuffle your deck, and draw a card. That wouldn’t be so great by itself, as there are a number of cheaper and more efficient ways of drawing from you deck. However, if the card you drew is a non-evolution creature (which most are), then you get to play it for free! Also, if it’s a spell that costs seven or less (again, most are), you can play for free!

Dragonstrike Infernus product shotThere’s a clear risk/reward mechanic at play here. If you play the card and end up with some low cost weenie, then you’ve overspent your mana. However, if you can manage to pull something powerful out, it could tip the scales in your favor before your opponent has a chance to respond. It’s also useful if you don’t have anything to play on turn five, or an early mana dump. More importantly, it has shield blast, so if you’re lucky enough to have this card as a shield, there’s a chance your opponent could end up giving you a powerful free monster to use on your next turn.

At the end of the day, this is an interesting blue card that creates a little bit of random fun for your deck. Even if you don’t get something game breaking, you’re still drawing a card and/or getting a free creature/spell to play.



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