Walkthrough: Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

Hello and welcome to Diehard GameFAN’s Corpse Party: Book of Shadows walkthrough! After the original walkthrough basically exploded, in terms of popularity, I figured a walkthrough for the sequel might be worth considering, and while it initially seemed like this game might be a bit more linear in its progression, while mapping out the game for our review, it became apparent that there are some less than obvious ways to complete chapter events and BAD END sequences, so I figured I’d put some effort into trying to throw together a functional walkthrough for the game. As with Corpse Party, I opted work with the guide as I played, typing out the steps taken as I went through the game so as to keep track of things at the time. As before, there is a Japanese Wiki available that explains in detail how to complete the game (located at http:// http://bookofshadows.wiki.fc2.com/), which I used for reference at a few points; as with the prior guide, the Google translation here is just shy of unintelligible, but it’s kind of helpful if you’re good at inferring. For those who’d rather not spend ten minutes trying to figure out what some of the more belabored translations mean, though, our guide here should be able to answer most of your more problematic questions.

Once again, before we get started, thanks to XSEED for bringing the game stateside, as well as Gamefaqs contributor/XSEED Employee “Wyrdwad” for a couple of useful clarifications that helped me get through certain sequences.

Anyway, bear in mind the following observations before we begin:

1.) This guide is about as spoiler-free as I can possibly make it, meaning that some of the events and items you meet aren’t readily identified, but the sequences you’ll encounter them in are.

2.) I am bad at directions in real life, so it’s entirely possible I may have written something in a way, direction-wise, that doesn’t really work out as intended; if so, feel free to point this out and I’ll clarify and correct it.

3.) If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section at the bottom or my E-mail link to ask away; I am here to help.

Okay, so the first thing I want to get across here is that the game works a little differently this time around, mechanically: instead of having a series of mandatory events you’ll have to see in order to progress to the next event, in some chapters, you’ll have to accomplish more arbitrary tasks, such as being sufficiently “Darkened” or exhausting all possible paths, to see the next event in the chapter. Darkening can also influence some of the BAD END scenarios you’ll see; while you’ll die if you hit one hundred percent Darkening no matter what, a couple chapters require you to fill the meter for specific BAD ENDS. As such, I will list the mandatory events in regular text, as such, non-mandatory or Darkening events in italics, as such, and endings in bold, as such. This way, if you are wondering how “Darkened” you have to be to get to the next plot point or BAD END, or if this even matters in a chapter, here you go. NAME BADGES that are not along a mandatory path will also be listed in some of the italicized sections, so if you’re looking to collect everything in the game, keep an eye out. As mentioned, if you reach one hundred percent Darkened, it’s GAME OVER, so I’ll do what I can to help you avoid this thing as well.

By the way, if you’re finding that you get Darkened too easily, somehow, you can always save before claiming a NAME TAG, then reload; you’ll keep the tag and you won’t have to interact with the body again, thus saving the Darkening you’d otherwise get. I didn’t find this to be a problem, mind you, so you likely won’t either, but just as a word of reference.

Note: for those who are playing Book of Shadows on the Vita and played the original on the PSP, you can use the Content Manager Assistant application to copy your PSP data to your Vita to unlock the final chapter if you want to see the game to the end FIRST and go back for the endings SECOND. The application itself tells you where to place the save data on your PC and where it would be hiding on your PSP memory card, but if you have any questions or would like further clarification, feel free to let me know and I’ll try to explain it a little better if needed. If you didn’t complete the original for some reason, I suppose you could go download a save game from Gamefaqs and use that, or you could just buy the game and complete it using my handy strategy guide right here. I mean, it’s the most read piece I’ve ever written so apparently it’s helping SOMEONE out there, what have you got to lose? I mean, besides the money on the original game if you don’t own it already, but come on now, if you’re buying Book of Shadows you really should buy the original too, right? Of course you should.

Now then, let’s get down to business.

Book of Shadows, Episode One: SEAL


Oooooookay, so the chapter starts off with a lot of talking, as we go through the day prior to the events of the first game, all the way up to the first actual day in Heavenly Host Elementary, where we once again start off as Naomi this time around. The game presents you a choice at this point, but both choices lead to the same basic outcome; the difference is the first option adds a ten percent hit to your Darkening meter, so you might as well choose that. From here you’ll need to head to room 1-A, though you’ll take a mandatory seven percent hits to the Darkening meter along the way due to two events in the halls, which should have you at a nice, unhealthy seventeen percent at this point. At 1-A you’ll find a lever that will pull back the razor wire; pull it to move along with the plot. From here, all you need to do is head to the hallway outside of the right side stairwell, where you’ll find another machine in the bottom left corner; interact with it to create a bridge, and boom, you’re basically good to go. You’ll need to be at forty percent Darkening to finish the level, however, so for those who want to collect everything:

1-B: There’s a flashlight here; you don’t need it, but it’ll be useful for a scene later should you choose to engage in it. We can find a body and a NAME TAG here, and interacting with the body nets you a two percent increase.
1-C: We can find two dead bodies in this room along with two NAME TAGS, and you’ll need to interact with each to gather the tags, netting you a four percent hit.
3-A: If you’re at twenty five percent Darkening when you pass the room, a scene will play; by passing the room a total of three times (for six percent gain) you’ll enter the room proper for ANOTHER scene, which can add between five to eight percent Darkening. If you have the flashlight you’ll have about ten seconds to find a shadow hidden in the room; the shadow is on the left but failing the test doesn’t hurt or anything so don’t feel like you have to succeed here.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG outside the Reference Room, on the third floor, via the left side stairwell.
1-C (again): If you have the flashlight and have seen the events in 3-A there’s another crazy event that happens here for a small hit in Darkening.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG on the third floor, in the Hall right outside of the right side stairwell.
2-A: A message is scrawled on the chalkboard here; interacting with it hits Darkening for a decent amount, and doing so TWICE allows you to see Naomi completely lose her freaking mind, which is… interesting.
Nurse’s Office: For reasons that are beyond me you can re-enter the Nurse’s Office, though aside from a picture that counts toward filling out the Gallery of Souls there’s nothing here.

Assuming you’re at forty percent, head off to the bathroom for another long scene, before you’re afforded a series of choices. The first choice doesn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things.

BAD END #1: Choose “Bucket” for the second choice.

BAD END #2: Choose “Grab Her” for the third choice or “Think of something else” for the fourth choice.

The correct choices here are “Think of something else” for the second and third choices, then “Hoist” for the fourth choice prompt.

Enjoy your chapter ending.

SEAL NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Masashi Kawasaki (Shobu U)
Sato Yuzuki (Karasuyama High)
Miki Sato (Karasuyama High)
Kazuhiro Murofushi (Matsukaze High)
Rei Kurosawa (Matsukaze High)

Book of Shadows, Episode Two: DEMISE

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter.

Note: there are seven endings here, so we’re going to be here a little while.

Well, after that wonderfully vivid introduction, we’re playing as Mayu here. The game doesn’t make it plainly obvious, so inspect the door on the left, and… uh, choose the option available to you to start the chapter proper (I admit, I laughed a little). From here, head to 3-A examine the body to trigger a spirit. Examine it again for a NAME TAG, then talk to the spirit. She wants to be covered up, so head back to the hallway outside of the Nurse’s Office to find a sheet on the floor. Take it, and you’ll automatically head back to 3-A and cover up the body. The spirit leaves behind a charm; save here if you want to get a BAD END later, as carrying the charm is part of one of the events. There’s also a board here you’ll have to take with you in the center of the room. Head to the hall just south of the hallway outside the nurse’s office to find a broken hallway; place the board over the gap to allow further progress forward. Head off to the entrance to find a body and a NAME TAG. You’ll have to interact with the body, note and possibly the window here to progress, but once that’s done, try to leave the room. That damn kid will show up again, but IN THEORY you can leave without it being a problem…

BAD END #1: Try to interact with him without the charm.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the hallway diagonally Northwest of the Exit. He leaves a note behind that’s purely flavor text as well.

Head up the left side stairwell and head off to room 1-C to find a NAME TAG on a body, as well as a notebook. Do note that, while the notebook is essential for the correct ending of the chapter, we don’t NEED to take the notebook here, and if we choose not to this will open up a couple BAD END options later, so, save here.

Head off to 1-A now to find a rusty key; take it. Now, head off to the third floor, via the left side stairwell. At the dead end hallway to the right of the Reference Room, there’s a body here with a NAME TAG, as well as a note on the wall above him you’ll have to read. Mayu then begins assembling what you’ve seen so far in her head and you’re forced to head back to the first floor Exit. Examine the body here, again, for more information. If you took the notebook previously, you’ll also receive Hina’s Student ID booklet here. Head out into the hall for an event, then up the left side stairs. Head down the hall for another event, and now we’re in control of Yoshiki.

Interact with the third shower from the left for a piece of wire.

Note: We can find two bodies, along with NAME TAGS, in the Pool to examine, on the left and top center areas. Note that interacting with the bodies does NOT affect Yoshiki’s Darkening for some reason. In fact, interacting with bodies in this chapter in general doesn’t seem to affect it at all. Dude’s a hard mofo, I tell you what.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the fourth Hall north of the Exit.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in 5-A, along with a spirit who will warn you not to look at the ghost boy.

Now to head off to class 4-A. The door is locked, but Yoshiki will pick the lock with the wire and in we go. We need to interact with the lever on the left side of the room and leave, but…

BAD END #2: Go look at the kid. Given the ending you got for this in the LAST game, this was significantly more messed up.

Now we’re off to the hallway in front of the superintendant’s room. You’ll find a hole in the wall here; enter it to enter the room proper. Take the small box in the right corner, then interact with the closet on the left side for another scene to get us back where we started with Mayu. After another sequence of events, we’re tasked to try and aid someone new here. The correct response is to take the bandages, but…

BAD END #3: Try to move the bucket. That… could have gone better.

Once the bandages are cut free, oh hey! It’s a familiar face for those who’ve played Corpse Party! We all know what that means, right? Right.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in room 4-A at this point.

Okay, at this point events diverge depending on whether you have the handbook or not.

If you don’t have the handbook: After some events, head to the hallway to the left of 4-A to find a door. Try to open it with the rusty key you have; it won’t work, but you’ll find out what the key DOES, at least.

Head upstairs by the stairwell on the left side and try to go to the lab; we find the floor has collapsed and we’ll need “something to grab onto”. Head back downstairs to the locker room and take the gauze to make into a rope, then head back upstairs.

Head to the science lab, and after some events, you’ll have about a minute and thirty seconds to do SOMETHING.

BAD END #5: Run out of time OR just try heading right up the stairwell. Just save yourself the time and head for the stairs, get it over with.

Your alternative here is to head for the Science Lab. Open the door and head inside…

BAD END #6: Inspect the corpse inside the Science Lab. There is no part of that ending that isn’t messed up.

If you DO have the handbook: Head down the hallway past the Exit to see an item down below that you can’t reach to generate another “we need some rope” prompt, then head back to the Locker Room and grab the gauze.

Note: If you have the student handbook, you’ll find a body and a NAME TAG in 1-C at this point; if not, you’ll just find a bloodstain.

Head back to the broken floor and you’ll be prompted to have someone go down to retrieve the item at the bottom. The logical choice is to have Mayu do this thing.

BAD END #4: Have Yoshiki go down and get it. Doesn’t end the way you’d think, actually.

Either way, examine the body in the center of the room twice for a NAME TAG and a glass bottle full of holy water. Our next destination is the left side second floor stairwell, followed by the left side third floor stairwell. Spirits will block your progress, so toss some holy water on them. This prompts a dialogue sequence where we end up using the rusty key on the music box to produce… another key.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG by going up the right side stairwell to the Hall outside of the men’s room, as well as a spirit going on about nothing of importance.

Head up the left side third floor stairwell here, then to the hall outside the Reference Room. Use the key on the door to go inside, and after an event, look at the body on the ground for a NAME TAG. Then, look at the bookshelf on the right for a rumination on the nature of the school that those who have played the original game will be familiar with. Leave the room, at which point you’ll be forced off to the Nurse’s Office and the end of the chapter.

Enjoy your chapter ending. They’re not getting any better.

DEMISE NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Shiori Fujiwara (Karasuyama High)
Hina Hirose (Momijigawa High)
Shunsuke Sasaki (Momijigawa High)
Ayaka Shimizu (Momijigawa High)
Mitsurugi Amano (Momijigawa High)
Chiaki Hiyama (Takine Middle)
Juzo Nouki (Matsukaze High)
Mamoru Tsukano (Shobu U)
Takashi Hanada (Renaissance Elementary)
Teru Arai (Takine Middle)
Yanari Amato (Musashigawa Middle)
Hodoka Manome (Musashigawa Middle)
Hikari Kiriue (Musashigawa Middle)
Rena Saeki (Matsukaze High)
Ao Amano (Momijigawa High)

Book of Shadows, Episode Three: ENCOUNTER

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter.

Note: there are six endings here, so you’d THINK we’d be here a while, but NOPE.

Okay, so this chapter’s really weird. You start off with a really long sequence, then go into another really long sequence. When you FINALLY get the option to do something, you’ll find that the entire chapter amounts to a couple basic choices, so here we go…

BAD END #1: Choose to leave the room. Yup.

Choose to stand at the podium to proceed to the next choice.

BAD END #2: Hide in the supply locker. Yup.

Choose to hide under the podium to continue to the next choice.

BAD END #3: Stay hidden under the podium. Yup.

Make a break for it to continue to the next choice.

BAD END #4: Pick the broom OR run out of time here. Yup.

We want to pick the salt to continue here. From here, choose to break the window to continue to the end, OR choose to run away to get to the final choice in the chapter.

BAD END #5: Pray on the pencil. Yup.

Reach out your hands, then head to the end of the chapter.

Enjoy your chapter ending. Okay, that one was actually pretty cute. Well, until you think about it anyway.

ENCOUNTER NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):


Book of Shadows, Episode Four: PURGATORY

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter.

This is another odd chapter, partly because it starts off at its conclusion before retracing its steps, and partly because there’s more or less a straight line here from start to finish with only one notable deviation to be made. The chapter is more of a character study of Naho, though we’re playing as newly introduced character Sayaka, who fans of the first game may remember briefly. After an extended sequence of character development and event clarification, we wake up in the Bomb Shelter of the school, in the Storage Room.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Girl’s Bathroom.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the hall directly South West of the Death Room.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG at the very top of the long northern hallway.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG at the top AND bottom of the right-side T-intersection.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall space three squares to the left of the Death Room.

The objective here, more or less, is to walk through every hallway space possible in order to trigger the unlocking of the Death Room. The only requirement here is to look at the buckets in the bottom left corner, then hide in the cabinet, but…

BAD END #1: Hide under the table. Oops.

Enjoy your chapter ending. At least we’re back on track, I… guess? That also answers what happened in the second chapter, so… there’s that?

PURGATORY NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Mina Nishio (Renaissance Elementary)
Tomomi Isomura (Matsukaze High)
Seksi Hagiwara (Komashiro Trade)
Yoaki Kamimizu (Karasuyama High)
Hinako Meguri (Shobu U)
Shihoko Usaki (Karasuyama High)

Book of Shadows, Episode Five: SHANGRI-LA

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter, one hundred percent for a specific BAD END.

Note: there are NINE endings here, so we’re going to be here for a good bit. No joke, this is EASILY the longest chapter in the game. Buckle up.

So we’re playing as Mitsuki to start with, who fans of the prior game will remember. Interact with the door to start for another sequence, then head downstairs and off to the music room. You’ll find a candle and some matches, and a body on the right side of the room with a NAME TAG. There’s also a notepad at her feet, and something stuck in the piano you can’t get right now.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall directly northwest of the Music Room. It also has a note about their being food in the Staff Room. That surely seems safe.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of the Staff Room, as well as said body’s lingering spirit.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of the Boys Room, as well as said body’s lingering spirit.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of the left side stairwell.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall to the southeast of the second floor Girl’s Room. There are a couple of other things here we’ll address shortly.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall one to the left of the right side T-Intersection. There’s also a note here that explains the food note from before; as you’d expect, it’s terrible.

Okay, so in the Hall southeast of the Girl’s Room, there’s a wind-up key we need and a spirit we can interact with, though doing so leads to two BAD END states.

If you choose to help the spirit:

Head back down to the first floor, then to the Exit. You’ll find what he’s looking for in the top left cubbyhole, but you can’t carry it as it is. Head back upstairs to the Hall outside the Reference Room to claim a bucket, then back down to the exit. The first time you interact with the cabinet, you’ll get an Old Key, which you COULD, theoretically, take to just skip past the endings we’re about to see. If you’re reading this, though, this is likely not your intention, so interact with the cabinet AGAIN, which will claim the ghost’s possession, and immediately send you back to the spirit. After a sequence, well…

BAD END #1: Choose to wait there. In fairness, I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to react to that kind of situation, so I wouldn’t have done much better.

BAD END #2: Choose to run away. It’s probably for the best that the ending was all text. Yikes.

If you tell the spirit to piss off:

We’re off to the Exit on the first floor regardless, at which we need to interact with the top left cubbyhole to get the Old Key. Go to the second floor via the southeast stairwell and use the Old Key on the Art Room door to unlock it. Head into the Art Room, then examine the left-most easel for a Palette Knife. Head back to the Music Room and use the Palette Knife on the Piano for another small key. Interact with the cabinet in the back of the room to use the small key on it, which nets you a Grave Tag. Head back upstairs via the left side stairwell, then off to the Girl’s Room. Use the Grave Tag on the door to the Girl’s Room to open the door, then enter the room. There’s a body and a NAME TAG in the upper right of the toilets. There’s also a hole in the toilet you can look into…

BAD END #3: Peek into the hole in the bathroom. Well she IS correct…

We instead need to put the wind-up key in the hole in the stall, which generates another event. At this point we then need to head back to the first floor, then to the Exit, which then ends this section of the episode.

Now we’re playing as Morishige. After a sequence we’ll need to interact with the body before us for an event, though doing so again nets us a NAME TAG. Oh, before we move on here, there’s one thing I want to mention real quick:

BAD END #5: If Morishige gets to one hundred percent Darkening in this section… well… really, was anyone surprised by that ending?

Note: if you’re not interested in screwing around, looking at bodies for half an hour, you can try leaving by the Second Wing exit; doing so will, after some doing, hit you for THIRTY PERCENT, which will get you a good bit closer to this ending, you horrible person you.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Exit lobby, as well as a complimentary note to the one found at the beginning of the chapter.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Locker Room, as well as another complimentary note to the one found at the beginning of the chapter.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Exit lobby, as well as a complimentary note to the one found at the beginning of the chapter.
We can find two bodies and two NAME TAGS on the left and right sides of the Pool.

Our ACTUAL next objective is Room 5-A. Take the Kite String off of the shelf on the left, then head upstairs via the southeast stairwell, and then to room 1-A (if you’re wondering why we took that stairwell, there’s a hole on the other side preventing access). In here, take the wire from the cabinet, and inspect the body on the left for another NAME TAG.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of 1-C… a familiar one, at that.

Now we have to go back to the spot where we started (first floor Hall, directly northwest of the Exit, if you forgot) and examine the hole to the left. When prompted, try to fish out the item. When prompted again…

BAD END #4: Try to climb into the hole. Wow, dude just can NOT get a normal BAD END, can he?

Anyway, the correct answer is to try again to fish it out, which gives us a Student ID. After the event here, go to the Exit, which generates another event, and we go back to Mitsuki and Fukuroi. After some more events, Mitsuki, Fukuroi and Morishige join up together, and we’re in control of Morishige again. First stop, the Girls Room on the third floor via the right side stairwell from the second floor. Here we find a body and a NAME TAG, as well as a logbook we’ll need for later. The key thing to note from reading the logbook here is the “Disaster Drills” section; note all of the actual digits you see in this piece for later. From here, head to 3-A; there are various notes about the missing logbook, as well as a note on the podium that it needs to go in the Reference Room. So, head up the left stairwell to the third floor, and go to the hall outside of the Reference Room. Examine the body once for a scene, and again for a NAME TAG (and that completes the set from Seisho Junior High), then search the door for a combination lock. The combination is the aforementioned list of numbers from the “Disaster Drills” entry, or 824322 if you’re lazy. Head into the Reference Room, then search the right side shelf for an event and a Goya Statue. Head back to the first floor here, then head for the Locker Room; upon doing so, the game will present you with a choice.

NOTE: The choice here is unimportant from a progress perspective, as both choices lead to the same end result. However, choosing to continue forward will take another TWENTY PERCENT onto your Darkening, which will also help towards getting BAD END #5 if you haven’t done so yet.

Either way, we get a Copper Key for our troubles. Head to the hall outside of 4-A now, then use the key on the door to open it and head into 4-A. Search the cabinet in the center of the room for an Alcohol Lamp, then head back to the Locker Room. Light the lamp when prompted, then head to the Pool for an event (and a massive dick move from Morishige)…

… and now we’re in control of Nari and Chihaya, who fans of the original game will remember. They’re looking for Nana (yeah, good luck with that one) as their section begins, in the Second Wing of the school. When you take control, try to go to the Staff Room for an event, then head upstairs and try to go to the Reference Room. You’ll stop in the hall for an event, as there’s a Battery on the ground to take; do so. Head back downstairs, then try to go to the Staff Room again for another event…

… and we’re back with Morishige again. After a long and extensive sequence of events that are, relatively speaking, really messed up, you’re in control again.


The only thing you can do is click on Taguchi, which moves forward to another choice.

BAD END #8: Look back. They DID warn you, after all…

The correct response is to not look back. Well, as correct as could possibly be expected. I would say “Enjoy your chapter ending” here but if you enjoyed that ending in a conventional sense I don’t want to know anything about it.

Note: So, we’ve unlocked the next episode, off we go, right? Not so fast. Load up that save game I told you to save a few moments ago. Since you’ve now unlocked the “True” ending for the stage, after you interact with Taguchi, you’re instead dropped back to Mitsuki and Fukuroi, who are… not having a good time of things. After some events, and a… familiar voice, we’re in control of Mitsuki. We’re given a choice here, and if you choose to head upstairs, you’ll get another choice.

BAD END #6: Use the alcohol lamp. Well that didn’t work.

BAD END #7: Think of something else. SURPRISE! Both options suck!

If you choose to head for the covered walkway, you’ll end up in the art room. Look at the shelves on the right for a Chisel, which then moves the plot along appropriately. HOWEVER, we now see Mitsuki’s events here, as well as what led to the final events of the chapter, for a more complete (and really messed up) picture of how things went down, so for the completionist, you’ll want to make sure you go back and watch the correct ending sequence here in addition to the two BAD END scenes.

Oh, and if you’re curious, no, “Look back” does nothing different here. Save yourself the effort.

SHANGRI-LA NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Part One (Mitsuki):
Haruna Harukaze (Koyo Girl’s Academy)
Nozomi Makita (Koyo Girl’s Academy)
Masaru Nijino (Kurashiki Industrial)
Koichi Kanesada (Reubens Academy)
Take Taiga (Reubens Academy)
Akira Yutsuka (Kurashiki Industrial)
Rena Misato (Koyo Girl’s Academy)
Moeka Natsuno (Reubens Academy)
Part Two (Morishige):
Norika Miharu (Seisho Junior High)
Arisa Kaida (Seisho Junior High)
Honoka Nanjo (Seisho Junior High)
Reiki Negishi (Kurashiki Industrial)
Kiyomasa Kagei (Kurashiki Industrial)
Osamu Murada (Shobu U)
Itsuya Goto (Seisho Junior High)
Shino Noguchi (Reubens Academy)
Hiroko Kikumura (Seisho Junior High)

Book of Shadows, Episode Six: MIRE

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter, one hundred percent for two BAD END scenes.

Now, six chapters into the game, we spend our first chapter with Yuka. Oh, and of course it starts out really messed up. After the long sequence of events, you’ll have two choices here.

BAD END #1: Run for the door. Well that was a great start, huh?

As weird as it sounds, the correct response is to do nothing. This actually puts you into Search Mode, as you look for a way to resolve the situation.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG off to the right side of the room.

BAD END #2: Mess around until you hit one hundred percent Darkening here. The faucets hit her for around thirty percent if you want to get this over with quick. Moving on.

To progress, you want to pick up the bottle of Hydrochloric Acid off of the floor; this will allow you to escape immediately, and after more events, we’re out in the hall on the second floor of the Main Building. Our main objective is to head to the first floor, then try to go… basically anywhere, at which point the floor caves in and we end up in the Bomb Shelter. If you head off to the Girl’s Bathroom, you’ll find a large stick here; Yuka will use this to… do her business, so to say. I have no idea if you HAVE to do this but it’s the most sensible option given the circumstances, so go for it.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall directly above the Storage Room.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall two squares left of the Death Room.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall three squares left of the Death Room.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall in the bottom branch of the T-intersection dead end on the right side of the map.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall at the very top of the map.

So now we’re off to the Death Room. Stop looking at me like that, that’s where we have to go. There are two bodies and NAME TAGS in this room, on the left side and right side respectively. Afterwards, go mess with the blue shelving unit to lock yourself into the room. Oops.

BAD END #3: Hit one hundred percent Darkening by messing around with the different things in the room. Moving on.

You want to interact with the sink in the back center of the room for the Nail Puller; this will immediately liberate you from the Death Room and allow you to continue on. Next stop: the Body Pool, because we’re not going to be satisfied until we’ve completely traumatized a small child. After the sequence, we… end up with a new partner, and… yeah, it’s not going to end well. Head back to the Death Room for another scene, and feel your disdain rise a little bit more.

Note: We can head back to the Body Pool for a whopping FIVE NAME TAGS here, from the four bodies on the ground and one in the water in the back.

With that done, we’re off to the Girl’s Room, again. This ends up with us in the Store Room automatically, and your disdain rises just a LITTLE bit more. Look at the body on the left for a NAME TAG, then the futons on the right to end the chapter. Technically, there is a choice that comes up here, but the end result is basically the same; choosing to decline the request does net you an additional entry into the Gallery of Souls however, so you might as well see that scene out to its end. If you choose to decline the request, you’ll have to head off to the Body Pool for another scene at this point to complete the chapter; if you accept, the chapter does the heavy lifting for you.

Enjoy your chapter ending. I didn’t.

MIRE NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Ai Honda (Takine Middle)
Chihiro Tamamura (Great Harbor Elementary)
Hiroshi Takano (Great Harbor Elementary)
Koi Kawahara (Takine Middle)
Michi Moritoshi (Shobu U)
Kyugo Shibuya (Takine Middle)
Sakura Motoi (Komashiro Trade)
Mako Sakurai (Great Harbor Elementary)
Yuuki Tanaka (Takine Middle)
Tsuyoshi Kawasaki (Karasuyama High)
Akiko Sekine (Shobu U)
Asuka Mizuno (Komashiro Trade)
Satomi Koorogi (Reubens High)
Yukari Sekiya (Renaissance Elementary)

Book of Shadows, Episode Seven: TOOTH

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter.

This chapter’s somewhat of a straight shot to the end, so let’s get to it.

After a sequence featuring various people we’ve either met in the prior game or in this game, we’re put into the shoes of Tohko, who starts off the chapter with Emi; since we’ve seen Emi before now, that about tells us how good Tohko’s chances are in general, and those who remember her from the prior game can reinforce this thing. There’s a body with a NAME TAG on the right side of the bathroom we’re in. From here, head out into the hall for more events.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of room 3-A. Nice name. Sounds… fictional.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in room 3-A.

Head toward the Nurse’s office for another scene, and after a sequence of events, you’ll be back in control on the second floor.

Note: We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall outside of the right side first floor stairwell.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG if we head toward the left side stairwell; the floor’s caved in right where the body is so the game stops automatically.
We can find a body and a NAME TAG in the Hall two blocks north of the Exit.

Honestly, if you do the above mentioned tag hunting you’ll block off every possible exit from the first floor, so head back up to the second floor, then head back to the third floor. The ghost boy blocks you from going back upstairs, however.

BAD END #1: Look at the kid. Well that was… different.

Head back to the first floor, then the Exit, to meet a spirit who will give you an Amethyst. Head back up to the second floor, approach the stairs, and use the Amethyst on the boy to clear the path. A long sequence of events plays out here, along with a choice to be made, though the actual choice doesn’t matter so pick what you want.

Enjoy your chapter ending. We’ve got one more to go here.

TOOTH NAME TAG LIST (in order found in this chapter):
Tomomi Morimaga (Komashiro Trade)
Onda Fourthstreet (Kurashiki Industrial)
Megumi Onda (Karasuyama High)
Motohiro Suzuki (Matsukaze High)
Leona Oomura (Kurashiki Industrial)
Tooru Takahashi (Komashiro Trade)

Book of Shadows, Prologue: BLOOD DRIVE

DARKENING REQUIREMENT: None for this chapter.

Note: in order to unlock this chapter, you either need to import your save data from Corpse Party or unlock all the endings. There are no NAME TAGS, or BAD ENDS, or anything, so it’s basically a couple sequences of interacting with things and lots of exposition. This whole chapter, aside from explaining some of the backstory of what’s going on, is the Naomi and Ayumi show, with a couple guest stars tossed in. This is the big explanation for why the game universe is the way it is, more or less, and it’s a straight shot through to the end.

The only things you NEED to do that aren’t immediately apparent are:
When you reach the estate proper, go the second floor, then into the upper left bedroom. Inspect the desk for the Key to Yoshie’s Room.
Enter the upper right bedroom with the Key.
Examine the Kimono Box in the center of the room, the photos on the wall, and the shrine by the right side ceiling, then the safe.

Enjoy your chapter ending?

And this concludes the Diehard GameFAN Corpse Party: Book of Shadows walkthrough. I hope this was helpful for you and that you had as much fun following it as I had writing it, and again, if anything here was less than helpful, let me know in the comments or through E-mail.


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  1. Gore and Panties Avatar
    Gore and Panties

    (Chapter 5: Shangri La)
    You have to go inside the Music Room first in order to get the Old Key from the severed head. Otherwise, only the description shows up.

    1. um ok Avatar
      um ok

      My bad, I thought it wasn’t mentioned already. I should really stop skipping text.

      1. Mark B. Avatar
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        Yeah, I probably could have organized that a little better in retrospect but I figured if someone was following along it would work itself out.

  2. Noveia Brielle Von Georgia Avatar

    So, I decided not to give a certain someone her headband, but the game just returned to the hallway in search mode. Where am I supposed to go? o-o

    1. Josh Avatar

      You’re supposed to head to the room marked ‘Body Pool’ for should you choose not to give her the headband.

      1. Josh Avatar

        Excuse me, to advance should you choose to to give her the headband. I changed my wording and forgot to change what I typed before in accordance.

    2. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      Oops, forgot to add that part in, sorry. Yeah, you’re supposed to head off to the Body Pool at that point if you choose to decline. I’ll add that in.

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    Thank you for the detailed walkthrough of the game, it really helped me get through some parts I was stuck on (or too lazy to think about). I just finished the game and everything is 100% but the Gallery of Souls, I’m missing the top row centre image on the 11th page. Do you have any idea how to get it or could you at least describe what it is so I could use it as leverage to search? I’m assuming it’s somewhere within chapter 5, given the images to the right and left of it are from there, but any kind of hint or confirmation would be sincerely appreciated.

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      I don’t have the game on me at the moment, but I have the gallery cleared out so I’ll take a look and see which image it is. I should be able to give you an idea a little later.

    2. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      OH, okay. So IF this is the right image, it’s in-between the girl laying down and Morishige. If that’s right, that part in bold at the end of Chapter 5, where I outlined you can go through the ending again to see the whole ending from Mitsuki’s perspective? That image only pops up during that route.

      1. Josh Avatar

        That is the correct one, but I’ve gone back through and done the route through her perspective. I’ll do it once more right now, one think I did do was stop once the choice to look back or not appeared because they appeared to do the same thing as before, would the be a cause to why I’m missing one?

        1. Josh Avatar

          Okay, I figured it out. When I read, “Oh, and if you’re curious, no, “Look back” does nothing different here. Save yourself the effort.” I misunderstood and took it as, “The choice you make here doesn’t matter and won’t result in a different ending. Save yourself the effort.” Thank you very much for your time and assistance, and even more so for writing this guide.

          1. Josh Avatar

            A different ending from the normal ending each choice gives, I meant, just for clarification.

          2. Mark B. Avatar
            Mark B.

            I’m happy it helped! Sorry that wasn’t clearer though, but I’m glad you unlocked everything.

  4. nekoCiel Avatar

    im replaying chapter 2 to get the bad ends but something does not seem right

    i left the exit without the charm but nothing happened
    just pointing that out OwO

    1. Josh Avatar

      Leaving without it actually doesn’t do anything, only interacting with him without it.

    2. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      Oh, okay; I was of the impression they’d make it an instant death by leaving as well. I’ll edit the walkthrough to reflect that, thanks.

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        your welcome~

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    your a life saver. thank you very much for the walkthrough. I was stuck at shangri-la but now I can move forward. And it seems that shangrila is the longest and puzzling of all. Thank you very much again its very helpful .

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      It’s almost definitely the longest chapter of the game, or close to it. I’m glad I could help out, though. Good luck with the rest of the game!

  6. SomeoneWhoPlayedTheGame Avatar

    (Chapter 2, Demise)

    After coming out of the “Exit” room with the ghost boy in it, I went up the hall but had to backtrack in front of the exit since the path was blocked. I almost let out a scream…because the ghost got me!! I didn’t die because I had the charm but I really wasn’t expecting that. You should add it to your walkthrough, unless you want people to have a good spook, haha!

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    this is the best walkthrough i found for this game, you have no idea how much this helped me, thank you sir!

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      I’m happy it helped you out, and thank you very much as well!

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    WOW. Thank you so much for this. I didn’t realize just how “well” I went through the game, only got a few bad endings. But now I have to practicaly replay all of it.

    VERY helpful and I love the lack of actual spoilers despite being a guide.

    Thanks again!

    1. Mark B. Avatar
      Mark B.

      Happy to have helped; good luck! Or… bad luck since you’re going for the bad endings, I think?

  9. Adrielle de Guia Avatar
    Adrielle de Guia

    Actually,I get an alternate ending on demise, where sachiko and the three kids dissect mayu like a frog and idk how I got there,

  10. John Doh Avatar
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    Thanks a lot! I used this guide to make a cinematic Walkthrough of this game! I’ve given you credit. This Walkthrough is straightforward and the best i found! Thanks a lot Mark B!

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    Jacob Rubin

    Hey, just thought I’d point out that for Morishige’s 100% Darkening ending, you can interact with the 2nd wing door more than once to keep getting around 30% every time (rather than just once like mentioned in your guide). Meaning I was able to get the ending in less than a minute :D

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    thanks for this walkthrough you help me alots man

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