Tabletop Review: Monsters of Sin 2: Envy

Monsters of Sin 2: Envy
Publisher: Open Design/Kobold Press
Pages: 10 Pages
Cost: 2.99 (watermarked PDF)
Release Date: 07/20/2012
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Introduction: This product is designed for the Pathfinder RPG, but can easily be modified for any D20 system and other fantasy games at the mere whim from a DM. This watermarked PDF contains a number of monsters/encounters that are related to one of the Deadly Sins, primarily Envy, in the case of this supplement. Not only does this supplement contain some monsters for an adventuring party to encounter, it also includes a template and a special creature that is the embodiment of Envy. There is also a section that provides information for those who are using the Midgard Campaign Setting and how to implement this product in collusion with it.

Contents: As stated earlier, this ten-page PDF contains three new monsters:

Bone Swarm – This is simply an undead swarm that has the ability to create undead skeletons if they manage to overwhelm and kill their victims. They also have a very neat grapple attack when they encompass their foes in combat.

Emerald Eye – a tiny crystalline construct that can compel other creatures to compulsively desire some object or perhaps a person via a special attack akin to psionics.

Re-echo Doppelganger – This is an interesting monster and a favorite of the group that helps me review these supplements. It has the ability to mimic perfectly not only the foe it fights, but the combat feats of foes or anyone in combat. It also has the special ability to mimic the weapons possessed by its foes, down to their exact magical properties, with the added feature of making it one size larger and one enhancement bonus greater. This was truly a neat monster, and it will be certainly be thought of later on.

The supplement also provided a creature that it describes as the Embodiment of Evil. Look and respect this creature as something akin to an avatar of a demigod or perhaps some other type of super powerful entity, like a demon lord or a devil of some kind. This is a creature to be used as a final boss monster, and probably one that can never truly be defeated, but one that can be dismissed. This is simply the physical representation of raw emotion, Envy.

The template that is provided assigns the Envy trait to player characters or NPC’s with a +2 CR added. With this ability, there are added skills with either bonuses or penalties.

Positive Notes: I really enjoyed reading this supplement. The new monsters always encourage possible new adventures and plot hooks. The templates add flavor both to player characters and possible encounters. The artwork contained within is well done, and the piece is very easy to read and comprehend. The entire layout of this supplement screams professionalism and it was certainly done in that fashion. I really enjoyed the Re-echo Doppelganger and the Embodiment of Envy.

Negative Notes: I am not a huge fan of psionics being introduced into the Pathfinder setting as of yet, so the introduction here of the Emerald Eye construct and its psionic abilities was a bit too much. I feel there are other ways for this particular creature to manipulate others, with other abilities or spell like powers, without having to rely on psionics. It was a well thought of concept and will do well in other fantasy gaming settings that utilize psionics and such abilities.

Overall Review: Excellent and well done supplement. I am looking forward to seeing more of these particular products in the future. This has a lot of promise and has piqued my interest very highly. A DM of any caliber can use this product with some excellent results.



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