Tabletop Review: #30 Staves

#30 Staves
Publisher: Rite Publishing
Pages: 11 Pages
Cost: $2.99 (watermarked PDF)
Release Date: 07/20/2012
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Introduction: This twelve page supplement by Rite Publishing introduces a “slew” of staves for a GM to introduce into a fantasy RPG mainly Pathfinder but with little or no change, can be used in any fantasy RPG of any edition. My two Pathfinder gaming groups found the staves contained within this product to be very original and they will certainly add flavor to the game depending which ones are allowed to be found as treasure or whatever venue makes them available.

Contents: The contents of this supplement is concentrated on magical staves of various levels of power whether it be a wondrous magical item, a stave used as a weapon, staves of legendary status and of course, staves as artifacts. The authors of this supplement have used a diverse flavor of colorful names designated with each stave and that alone really made the supplement stick. No longer are they just staves of power or staves of fire. It is now a Staff of Banishment, the Staff of the Liberator, Staff of the Fearmonger, Staff of Feast and Famine, and many others. Artwork is spread throughout the supplement to give the staves some type of visual representation and they were done very well. A feat is contained for those players who wish to create lesser staves in the event a player desires to do so and the GM allows. There is a bit of added content concerning the creation of other types of staves that are legendary and how to destroy them if it is needed. The information contained in this supplement will give staves the true reputation they deserve.

Positive Notes: Very excellent supplement that can really add a lot of dimension to a GM’s game with the use of staves. Some of the staves contained are certainly extremely powerful but they can be utilized as an item that must be recovered before the enemy can capture it or it can be a staff where the player has no clue of its true power. The players who reviewed some of this product with me found it to be very deserving of praise and as usual I agree. They noted to me that most players of RPG’s usually do not consider staves as weapons and this product has brought that into the light that they are exceptional if used as weapons. There is no doubt in my mind that some of these items will eventually find a way into my Pathfinder games in the future. The artwork contained was well done and provided excellent visual examples of the staves presented in this supplement. After reviewing this product the past few days, it is certainly a “homerun”

Negative Notes: None at all.

Overall Review: This product is a must have at a GM’s table. If a GM allows the use of such magical items, then this is the product to own. It will provide many an item that can be used for the benefit of the party or as a tool by the enemy to defeat them. The supplement is well written and the art contained very worthy. Well done job and certainly gets a thumbs up from me and my two pathfinder groups I host at my residence.



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