Tabletop Review: #30 Battle Standards

#30 Battle Standards
Publisher: Rite Publishing
Pages: 13 Pages
Cost: $2.99 (watermarked PDF)
Release Date: 06/28/2012
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Introduction: This excellent and well presented supplement brings into the game battle standards such as cavalry guidons, garrison flags, banners, pennons, infantry guidons, vexillums, and sashimonos. These battle standards will assist an adventuring party in a variety of ways, but usually in combat, whether it be offensively or defensively. The battle standards, depending on which one, can also assist fortifications as well. There are numerous examples of each type of battle standard and the unique ability(ies) they award the user if used appropriately.

Contents: Contained within this supplement are thirty different types of battle standards from various cultures that can be used in a campaign setting, primarily for Pathfinder, but with little or no conversion, can be used with other game systems. I found this supplement extremely helpful and very fulfilling, since a few players in my Pathfinder games and I like to play paladins and cavaliers, for which this product is primarily designed. Under each type of battle standard is a chart that will assist the GM with costs of the battle standards if a group of players wanted to purchase them. There is also a very detailed description of each standard covered, with the special abilities they convey to the party utilizing them correctly. The artwork and examples of the standards are exceptional and provide wonderful insight on how they look when fully created. The generalized feat “flagbearer” is provided to assist those players interested in picking this combat feat to allow for the use of battle standards in a campaign. There is also an interesting NPC provided as well to exemplify the role of a character with the “flagbearer” feat.

Positive Notes: After my reading of this supplement and review from my gaming group, we have found this product to be very worthwhile and certainly worth purchasing. This in turn has motivated two members of my group to really explore the possibilities of playing a class (especially the cavalier) and taking advantage of the benefits of carrying a battle standard into combat or whatever scenario might present itself. The artwork of the types of battle standards covered in the product is done very nicely. For those who have battle standards on miniatures, this is the supplement to own as these can be used to imprint upon the various standards on many a miniature carrying them.

Negative Notes: None at all.

Overall Review: I find this a must have item at a GM’s table who allows the use of battle standards in their game. The supplement was welcomed into my two gaming groups with open arms and they all generally agree with my assessment that this is a must have supplement. The use of the artwork can encompass more than just an RPG and be designed for miniatures and other such props to introduce in a game.



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